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Adventures in Self-Dermaplaning part deux

DERMAPLANEI know I freaked some of you out with my scary report on self-dermaplaning.  The first go ’round was rather brutal.  During my second effort at the procedure, I fared far better.  No slicing.  Avoided bloodletting.  Great results.  I refined my technique.  I’ve learned it’s vitally important to cleanse the skin completely of all oils, products, and dirt before beginning.  Prepare the skin with alcohol.  Keep your eye on the blade and the blade at an angle.  Don’t retread the same area more than twice.  The moral of the skin story is that DIY dermaplaning is sketchy as fuck at first, but with a little practice it’s completely possible to safely accomplish.


Adventures in Self-Dermaplaning

SURGICAL SCALPELLoyal readers know that after a few frustrating experiences, I abandoned my expensive monthly spa visits in favor of DIY at-home versions.  For my first self-dermaplaning, I ordered surgical scalpels, specifically Integra Miltex 4-421 Standard Sterile Surgical Scalpel, Size No. 21 (Pack of 10).  Next time, for more precision I’ll order a smaller size like a 15 or 18.SELF DERMAPLANEI watched the youtube videos.  I read the precautions and educated myself on the proper technique.  My first foray into self-dermaplaning didn’t go disastrously, but I did nick myself and draw blood three times.  It isn’t as dramatic as it sounds – think shaving cut – painless and gone tomorrow.  Dermaplaning requires patience and technique.  Lose the proper angle on the blade and bloodshed ensues.  For this reason, I can’t in good conscience recommend you try this at home.DERMAPLANINGI’ve been accidentally sliced by a rushing aesthetician, so I consider the risk differential between home and medi-spa negligible.  Therefore, I will continue to practice my self-dermaplaning technique.  Neophyte that I am, I still managed to turn out equal to better results to my last expensive spa visit.DERMAPLANING B & F

Feeling confused and ambivalent by this information?  I understand.  In sum, you can really slice yourself up with home dermaplaning, so it’s best left to the professionals.  That said, by taking every possible safety precaution, perfecting the proper technique, and exercising patience, it’s possible to achieve spa superior results at home.DERMAPLANE YOURSELF

on my own

MILTEX SURGICAL SCALPELAfter a recent disappointing visit to the medi-spa, I’m over spending big bucks for subpar beauty treatments.  The aesthetician performed an unacceptably splotchy dermaplaning.  In response, I ordered a box of 10 surgical scalpels from Amazon for $14.50.  I’m going to dermaplane myself and save the $60-80 a month.  How hard can it be?  While I was trolling Amazon for beauty products inappropriate for self-administration, I stumbled on some “eyelash tint.”  They can’t technically market the product as eyelash tint, but it’s understood that everybody uses this particular product off-label for eyelash tint ($13.50).  At my last sorry-ass appointment at the medi-spa, not only was my dermaplaning sloppy, so was the eyelash tinting.  This messy Martha allowed the dye to bleed under my eyes.  When it was time to remove the dye, she had me turn my head and eyewash the dye off, but she forgot to remove the mask she applied so it all just ran into my eyes causing a searingly painful mess.  When I said the mentholated mask was running into my eyes, she just cackled maniacally.  Truly sinister.  No more mean, messy Martha.  I’m on my own. REFECTOCIL


KARINA SUPER JESSNERWhere does the time go little doves?  It was just a mere month ago I embarked on my first Jessner peel, and I promised to get back to you on the results.  The delay partially stems from my ambivalence.  On the one hand, the peel results are rather remarkable.  On two separate occasions over the last thirty days I received unsolicited affirming comments which reinforced my belief that the peels make a meaningful difference. PEELING SKIN The problem with peels is who has that kind of downtime?  I have to be somewhere everyday, so I don’t have the choice to hole up and hide.  There’s really no disguising the crazy burn-like afterparty of a Jessner peel.  Are those two or three days of abject humiliation worth shaving off a few years?  Even though embarrassment is my least favorite emotion, I’m going back Thursday for my second round of ‘plane+peel.  Peels embody the the weirdest dichotomy of vanity and anti-vanity.  You have to agree to look ugly before you can look more beautiful.  SKINCARE


Awhile back RHNY‘s Alex enjoyed dermaplaning (and a chastising) and it looked really interesting.  Basically dermaplaning is an intense glamour shave with a sharp razorblade.  The process removes fine hairs, dead skin cells, and excess oil on the skin’s surface.A local spa I’ve been meaning to try had a special on a dermaplaning facial.  Why not, right?Many of you will love, love, love dermaplaning.  It has been around forever.  The simple procedure is safe and noninvasive.  The visible results are better than anything you’ll find in a bottle.The dermaplaning removed all kinds of gross stuff that daily exfoliators can’t reach.  Less expensive, noisy, and dusty than microdermabrasion, dermaplaning is superior for immediately improving skin texture and appearance.After the dermaplaning, the esthetician applied a series of treatments including a customized peel.  The word “peel” especially when combined with “chemical” sounds dramatic, but there several acids of various intensities such as salicylic, glycolic, and lactic which can be costumized into a buffered cocktail.  She finished up with a standard facial routine, steaming, extractions, and the layering of several delicious products to seal in goodness.  She also sent me home with some excellent samples from IS Clinical.Four to five days out, distressed areas are still gently flaking and uncovering renewed skin.  Texture continues to improve; discoloration and lines are less evident.  Makeup glides on and less is needed overall.I’m converted.  For less than $100, I saw far more dramatic results with this one visit than I ever have using an entire bottle of $100 cream consistently everyday.  I’m pro DIY whenever possible, but sometimes a professional’s touch warrants the investment.If you are interested but intimidated by professional treatments, dermaplaning is a great place to start.  The service is relatively affordable, relaxing, and delivers pretty dramatic results with no downtime.