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OPA BITCHES! Greek Fest Favorites

TIROPITASCheesy, flaky, buttery Tiropitas, so simple, so right.ORZOPerfectly Tomato-sauced OrzoLOUKOUMADESLoukoumathes – honey-nut covered fried dough balls. Paradise. SAGANAKISaganaki: flaming cheese. Opa! required. SPANAKOPITASpanakopita, spinach and cheese pie surrounded in flaky phyllo.BAKLAVABaklava, obviously.GREEK FESTLet’s Get Hellenic Bitches.


Don’t forget about the Marshmallow Fluff.  It’s a great alternative to using marshmallows which contain gelatin.  Use marshmallow creme to make vegetarian-friendly rice treats and s’mores.  Ricemellow for the vegans.

Marshmallow-in-a-jar makes a delicious icing too and is much lighter than many other options based in butter or cheese.