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waste water

Do you know that we waste a third of our water on the lawn and landscaping?  Of that third, almost 50% of that water is misused or wasted by poor system design, over watering, or evaporation. Most folks water their lawns too long and too often.  This just means you have to cut the grass more, and the lawn mower creates several different sources of pollution.

Furthermore, I get so sick of looking at manicured grass.  Who am I to discriminate between a dandelion and grass and decide one plant has more right to thrive than the other?  A champion of biodiversity, I will not adhere to this country’s hegemonic pro-grass agenda.  I just have a sneaking suspicion that a day will come sooner rather than later when we will look back with disgust at the amount of clean drinkable water we dumped into all our precious lawns. 


A Journey to Endor

All my life I’ve been waiting to see the Redwoods, and finally yesterday I got the chance.  Photos can never do these trees justice; you must experience their surreal majesty in person.  I visited one of the most well-known areas for viewing the giants, Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park near Crescent City, California.  In another unintended turn down film history lane, this park is coincidentally home to Endor, the planet of the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi.Do you know that over 90% of the original redwoods have been logged by greedy-ass humans?  Gross, right?These behemoths can grow over 370 feet tall and over 20 feet in diameter.  They are some of the oldest living beings on this planet.  It is truly depressing to walk among these ancient groves knowing that dumbass humans cut down the biggest, tallest, strongest, and oldest specimens in the early 1900’s.  The hubris of a man taking a saw to a 1,000 year old tree is truly disgusting.   Walking through this forest, knowing it is now only a shadow of what it used to be because of human interference, makes me hate people more than I already do.  I didn’t actually think that was possible. Take the time to visit this place and remind yourself how insignificant we are compared to the resources we destroy.  Sitting humbly at the base of one of these granddaddy trees does wonders for recalibrating one’s perspective.  Enough preaching, if you could give a fuck about preserving the Earth, well then maybe you care about visiting Endor.  Whatever gets you there, it’s worth a trip to backwoods California to gaze at the big tall trees.  Psychedelics are optional, but you have a much greater chance of glimpsing an Ewok if you bring some along.


3 for Friday: Cox Blox, Skky Repurposed, Retro Zoe

Cougar Town returned, but felt like a foregone canceled conclusion.  Did you catch Courteney Cox on The View with Josh Hopkins earlier this week?  She limply pimped Cougar Town’s return with the type of enthusiasm reserved for a funeral procession.  Poor optimistic Josh carried on charming Grandma Walters and her wicked chickens as if it mattered.  

Attended the home and garden show this week.  What do we think of this stuff?  It is made of 85% recycled glass, concrete, and some other binding agents.  It is sold under a variety of different brand names as an eco-alternative to marble and granite.  It is very durable, doesn’t off-gas, and is relatively low maintenance.  It is quite pricey though at around $100 a square foot installed.In a reality rewind, I’m getting ready to have laser corrected vision surgery which got me in the mood to watch Jessica and Nick on the Newlyweds.  Remember the episode when Jessica and Casey get Lasik and then hit Red Robin?  Anyway, I’m watching season 1 and low and behold if the self-anointed Queen of Style Rachel Zoe isn’t a lowly wardrobe assistant rushing over to blanket a whining Jessica Simpson in a plush bath robe between takes.  Best retro background sighting of the week.  In the same season background scenery, catch an even-leathery-back-then Robin Antin and Mikey Minden as a curly-tressed neophyte choreographer.


Yesterday I was in a three car pile up on a major freeway because some ignorant uninsured bitch can’t merge.  No one was hurt, but the truck I’ve loyally driven for the last ten years is probably totaled.  When thinking about replacing my ride, I’m totally uninspired by the current options.  Even though I bought my last car new, this time around I’m going used because I just can’t stomach the depreciation.  There are a few different categories under consideration: prestige, environmental, or classic.  What to choose?


BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Range Rover, since pre-owned is an option, why not splurge for a chic ride?  These cars tend to be safe and reliable, but when they do breakdown, repairs can be pricey.  Good thing I have a special relationship with an impeccable mechanic.  Another drawback?  Driving these cars can be the equivalent of carrying a logo bag – a little gauche and showy.


I promised myself that the next time I purchased a car, environmental impact would be a major factor in the decision.  I can’t with the Prius.  I just can’t.  There is a Lexus Hybrid that looks interesting, so maybe I can combine prestige + fuel efficiency into one purchase.  There are some obvious advantages to this route.  Low inventory is the main challenge with a general lack of available, desirable vehicles in the pre-owned market.  Even the used ones are pricey, but at least they retain value.  The fuel savings are also no fucking joke and offset some of the initial sticker shock.  I’d love an electric, but they are even more rare.


Every time I see a cherried out classic car, I think to myself how fucking sweet and styley it would be to roll in one.  Nothing grabs more attention than a mint condition vintage ride.  Sexy cars generate aesthetic goodwill, and after the dust up I just had, I need some good automotive karma.  The disadvantage to oldies is they require constant tinkering and maintenance.  My ass doesn’t like to get stranded on the side of the road like a truckstop hooker, so reliability does matter.  The eternal question: style over substance?  Another downside?  Unlike prestige + fuel efficient, classic + fuel efficient is a mutually exclusive combination, and therefore going with a restored Bronco is like giving mother Earth the middle finger.

Thoughts?  Do you love your car?  Tell me everything.

Tuesday’s Tarot

Pentacles correspond to the North, Earth, winter, and feminine energy.  Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the Pentacles are for you. This suit governs materiality – wealth, possessions, accomplishments, business, land, home, and abundance.  The Pentacles support and challenge our sense of safety and ability to relax and refrain from worry.  Our physical bodies and connection to the Earth are represented by the Pentacles.  We have the next 13 weeks to get that ass in shape.

The Ace of Pentacles brings prosperity and comfortable material conditions.  This card manifests the outcome of all work, strife and struggle we experienced with the Swords.  With great effort comes great reward: the Ace signifies growth, security, and well-deserved flourishing.  When reversed, wealth is mismanaged and good fortune abused, resulting in discontent, anxiety and insecurity.



Happy Birthday Fiery Bitches!  In astrological terms, Aries comes first, and that’s just the way you like it.  Super fun, superfly, and irrepressible, Aries are en fuego.  Even though the last few years have been a struggle, Aries maintains momentum.  Perhaps professionally things haven’t progressed ideally.  All that will change this year if you take the time to cultivate balance.  Aries feels super-charged this April.  Rein the energy in or suffer the consequences – stupid embarrassing ones too – public stumbles, idiotic fender benders, and pride-wounding chokes.  Get plenty of sleep, take care with relationships, and for fuck’s sake, think before you speak.


Typically Taurus has it all together, but this month you’ll feel pulled in a million directions.  The way you cope with all this hectic energy will dictate whether things getter better or escalate.  Taurus vent frustration and anxiety on loved ones.  Needling the significant other won’t ease stress, and tussling with the in-laws will only make things worse.  Channel that negative energy towards a more constructive activity – like an Easter egg hunt!  Keep an eye on finances and stick with your budget in April.


Here’s the bad news for tax season, April is not a good month for Gemini and numbers.  Strongly consider hiring a professional or get someone to double check any fiscal matters.  Friendships get tested when heads butt.  You may have to agree to disagree this time.  April skews romantic mojo, so now’s not the time to trust your instincts.  Have a friend cosign before moving forward, especially after three or more cocktails.


April brings a tremendous amount of freedom and stress.  The wide open future awaits; seize it by the balls.  Interoffice politics play a big role in generating conflict this month.  On the upside, Cancers find true comfort in family and a peaceful home.  Both these gifts are yours this April.  When it comes to finances, please balance optimism with reality.  The full moon makes a great back drop for a party.  Consider hosting.


Miscommunication frustrates Leos and causes conflicts with friends, lovers and coworkers this April.  With a little patience and kindness on your part, these little squirmishes will take care of themselves.  Take extra caution with internet banking and transactions.  Keep important documents organized.  Leos stills shine this month, especially in the career sector – great time to leverage for a raise or promotion.


Virgos need a luxurious day just for themselves this month.  Invigorate with spa treatments, delicious food, and long naps.  Whatever the pleasure, indulge for an afternoon.  Financially, unexpected shenanigans make it ultra-important to check the credit report.  The entire household needs to know what’s going on with money.  Keep them informed and they will step up.  Ethical beyond reproach, Virgos forget not everyone rolls that way.  Trust, but verify.


That new relationship you’ve been toying with?  April will make it or break it.  Libras usually have the subtle upper hand in relationships, so ultimately the decision will be yours whether to invest in or ditch the prospect.  Around the 18th, plan a get together and by the end of the evening the decision will be obvious.  Either way, anticipate a rocky aftermath.


Unclench your fist Scorpio.  Those little work bitches stir up weird energy this month.  Preserve calm dignity and reap the rewards later in May.  Even with obstacles, Scorpio’s high productivity results in accomplishment.  The love life looks really good this month for the committed and single, so take a few opportunities to get your Scorpio swagger on.


Unfortunately, March’s drama seeps into April, but don’t fret Sagittarians.  These things have a funny way of working themselves out.  Concentrate on enjoying family and friends through a creative activity.  Unexpected expenses pop up later this month.  Don’t get caught off-guard.  Set aside some extra dough now and save yourself the stressful last minute scramble.


Hating home life right now?  You’ve heard that cliché about making your bed and sleeping in it right?  Tension permeates work relationships as well.  As usual, the battles boil down to ego.  Caps, consider whether hubris limits your ability to genuinely connect with others.  Smarties bypass drama with a humble approach, creating a safe space for creative exchange.


Spring travel plans go awry this month; even the car may experience issues.  Aquarians experience foggy communication like many other signs this month, though misunderstandings should clear up before the last week of April.  Aquarians get pissed at space-invading family and neighbors.  Establish and enforce boundaries.  On the bright side?  Cash fills the pocketbook.


A side opportunity for some extra cash gives Pisces a long-needed financial break.  The added monetary cushion gives you a chance to relax and finally feel comfortable.  Especially charming and charismatic this month, take advantage of this moment and go after what you want.  Your chances of success are particularly high now.  Things also flow nicely on the relationship front thanks to April’s added magnetism.