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What You Should NOT Do for a Dollah

1) Don’t get lured into exploitative direct marketing or pyramid schemes.  I recently was invited to an Arbonne event by someone.  Arbonne is a “natural” beauty company sold through representatives in the vein of Mary Kay or Avon.  At first, I thought this person was just asking me for a friendly drink.  Then it turned into: watch these chicks get Mercedes for selling skincare.  Despite the aggressive tactics, it is almost impossible to make any money with the slim profit margins in these shady ventures.  If they ask you for money up front, back away.2) Why waste energy on enterprises that don’t value what you have to offer?  As you well know, life is short.  You can waste yours lining unworthy pockets or you can refuse to settle for anything less than a fulfilling use of your time, talent, and resources.  3) Please don’t resort to performing sexual favors; depleting your plasma; permanently moving back in with your parents; signing up for a reality show; sacrificing your pride and dignity, or staying on at a job you truly loathe. 


I confess I never take samples from the supermarket.  I just can’t bring myself to shuffle over to that sad little table manned by a person in a hairnet.  Perhaps if I did partake of supermarket samples, I would have known about ZIPFIZZ already.  I’ve tinkered with Emergen-C on and off.  Whether it’s the placebo effect or actually effective, I do believe it has helped me survive periods of compromised immunity.  That said, the taste and intensity leave something to be desired – even when I double up and use two packets.  During my recent training, I buddied up with an adorable flight attendant called Dottie.  She passed me a few tubes of ZIPFIZZ during a particularly draggy afternoon.  Skeptical, I added the powder to my water.  Cue the fizzy foam. Tasty and potent, ZIPFIZZ delivers a palpable boost.  Some swear ZIPFIZZ is the ultimate hangover remedy.  Peruse the nutritional information…