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Honoring Vidal Sassoon: master of precision

What about the GAYS Brange?

By now, you’ve surely heard that Brad and Angie are engaged.  How boring, predictable, and smacking of PR strategy.  No one has forgotten that stupid leg Angelina, no one.  Nor that neither of you make movies I actually want to see anymore.It wasn’t even a year ago Brad was on the Ellen DeGeneres show proclaiming with nobility how he wouldn’t marry until the gays could.

What about the gays Brad?  What about the gays!?

Blaming the kids, the couple abandoned their support of those denied the opportunity.  Kids want a lot of things – chocolate, toys, attention.  Wait five minutes and they’ll want something new.  Really shitty to abandon the gays.  Really shitty indeed.  Here’s the ring, since that’s all some of you bitches care about.  No judgment, I was curious too.  I’m almost too distracted by the freaky, vein-snaggled claw to even notice the ring.

Demeter Clarc Manners Moment: white women, white devils, wearing me out

In the last two weeks, 2 different white women in their forties spoke racist comments to me.  I have a hunch these affluent white women would describe themselves as liberal, educated, well-traveled, and certainly not racist.  White devils abound lurking in unexpected places.  The question becomes: how to seize the moment to educate rather than condone or chastise? In truth, the first comment was a drive-by, so I didn’t have an opportunity to ask her what the fuck she meant by her derogatory statement.  Still feeling the resonance of the oversight, when the next bigot bomb dropped from a second source, I was more prepared with a rebuttal.  At first I asked what she meant by what she said, then I asked her why she felt that way.  I let her explain her experience, and tried to point out both her hysteria and complicity in the situation she described.  Did I drastically change her views and prejudices?  Perhaps not, but I would consider it a small victory if her notions infinitesimally shifted in a less hateful direction.  White people make me tired.  Maybe it’s just these unrelenting 5:00 am mornings?  Naaw, it’s the white people.