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Loving my unicorn ring from Rabid Fox Jewelry.  It is 50% whimsy and 50% weapon.  These unusual and eye-catching pieces attract second and third glances – conversation starters indeed. Choose from a a variety of animal friends in gold, silver, and brass.

write more letters

I want to write more letters in 2012, but unlined paper gives me agita.  I can’t manage to write straight without lines, and the gradual slant ain’t cute.  That’s why I adore this whimsical lined paper from La Papierre.  The variety of themes range from the sweet to the sinister.  If you prefer unlined notes, the shop stocks a well-rounded collection of both types.  In addition to stationery, La Papierre has fun envelopes, postcards, and other interesting and enjoyable printed materials. You can find a lovely selection of reasonably-priced options of La Papierre products on Etsy.