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tinted lashes


I went in for my regular dermaplaning and added an eyelash tint yesterday.   The tinting costs $25 bucks – or the equivalent of luxury mascara – I rationalize.  I know eyelash extensions are all the rage.  I admit they look glamorous, but I know myself well enough to understand anything adhered to my body with tough bond adhesive would drive me bonkers.  Lash tinting enhances lashes without the damage, expense, irritation, drama, or commitment of extensions.


Tinting allows you to wake up with jet black lashes minus the morning after under-eye smudging.  Those with fair or sparse lashes will love the effect of tinting + mascara.  Lazy bitches can skip the mascara completely while still enjoying a flutter of dark lashes.  Supposedly, the tint lasts around 30 days.  If my lashes do indeed remain dark for a full month, I will add tinting to my regular beauty routine.  While the results are subtle, tinting creates an alluring pop of definition around the eyes.LASH TINT B AND AF

The process only takes 15 minutes.  The tricky part is keeping the dye off the skin.  Use an appropriate barrier cream.  The dye didn’t burn or get in my eyes.  I haven’t suffered any irritation or adverse reaction.  Common sense requires you to ensure you aren’t allergic to the dye before applying it around your eyes.  Because somebody should have their eyes on what is happening, I recommend professional application, or at a minimum, recruit a careful friend to help.  LASH TINT DYEMoron Warning: Most of you aren’t idiots, but for the few of you that are, don’t repurpose your hair dye for eyelash tinting.  You need a product safe and specifically formulated for the eye, dipshit.


Cookie Butter fueled

TJ SPECULOOS COOKIE BUTTERSHope you had a great weekend lovelies.  3 shows in 3 days + massive weekend work demands = one exhausted little dove.  I’m fueled by bananas and Trader Joe’s Speculoos Cookie Butter – a truly crackish combo.  I’m awfully thrilled to welcome best pal KB back to town along with her partner.  She’s a super smart lady and an exceptional friend.  I look forward to all the trouble we can get into now they we’re geographically proximate.ROMY AND MICHELEI’ve only tinted my eyelashes once seven years ago, but I’m going to try again this Friday.  Loyal readers understand my personal beauty holy grail involves continually dark lashes without pesky under-eye mascara smudges.


My recent banking fiasco motivated a change in financial institutions.  When the new credit union ran my credit the astonished banker said it was refreshing to see such a high credit score.  To celebrate my fiscal responsibility I went shopping.  In a moment of magical, mystical, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants shit, I found not one, but new three pairs of jeans.  Not only did I find an unlikely triad of sexual jeans (Rag & Bone, Current/Elliott, Vigoss), but they were buy 1 get 2 free.  Grateful to the Denim Gods.KHLOE RAG & BONE

Mung bean sprouts remedy constipation.  Moving along…



Of All the Mascaras in my Makeup Bag

BENEFIT THEYRE REALThe Sephora lady foamed all over herself to sell me this Benefit They’re Real Mascara, but I think for all the hype it’s overrated.  There’s a spikey ball on the end of the brush meant to get at those little inner corner hairs, but instead it smears product on my nose and eyelid.  The mascara itself isn’t extraordinary.  After a couple hours of wear, it migrates under the eye which as far as I’m concerned isn’t acceptable mascara behavior.  Grade: CITS SO BIGIt’s So Big has quite the following on Amazon, but I don’t share in the fervor.  The packaging dispenses too much product on the brush.  I don’t have time for the double wipe.  Furthermore, the formula is drying.  Grade: C-


Boots No7 Extravagant Volume Mascara snuck into my cosmetics bag, and I kinda forgot it was in there.  Waaaaay to much product dispenses on the brush and makes for a very messy and unpleasant application experience.  The brush is so gunky this mascara is almost unusable.  Grade: DTOO FACED BETTER THAN SEX

Of all the mascaras tested, Too Faced Better Than Sex really gives good glam.  BTS delivers major length, non-clumping density, and a deep rich black color.  It’s a great mascara except for staying power.  I love the lash effect, but the under-eye migration ain’t cute. Grade: B+


I saved the best for last.  NYX Full Figured mascara is my favorite of the bunch.  I don’t usually go for waterproof, but NYX Full Figured possesses great staying power.  It lengthens softly.  The brush separates.  No clumping.  Deep Black.  Lasts all day.  Withstands my hot yoga class better than all the other mascaras on this list.  It’s also affordable.  Grade: AMASCARA LASHES

Demeter Clarc Artist Spotlight: Margaret Keane



My girl Anne-Marie and I have a friendly rivalry going over which mascara is superior Blinc or FAIRYDROPS.  She recently tucked some FAIRYDROPS into a care package for me, and I have to admit FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen is pretty fucking fantastic. Developed in Tokyo, FAIRYDROPS is extremely smudge-resistant as well as lengthening.  If you like the bright-eyed doll look (and really who doesn’t?), then FAIRYDROPS is for you.

When compared eye to eye with Blinc how did FAIRYDROPS fare?  In terms of hardcore durability, it goes to BlincBlinc withstands smudging under the harshest circumstances.  When it does dissolve, it releases in an avalanche of tiny spiderleg tubes.  Both FAIRYDROPS and Blinc are equally lengthening, but FAIRYDROPS definitely delivers more volume.  In addition, FAIRYDROPS has a far more conditioning formula compared to Blinc’s.  Ultimately, I think it makes sense to keep both top-shelf products in your arsenal and use them appropriately for each day’s different beauty demands.

a word on threading

Over the last handful of years pop-up threading joints have migrated to every corner of the country, so surely I don’t have to explain that threading is a hair removal technique traditionally popular in Asia, India, and the Middle East.  I’ve been interested in threading for awhile, but have been a little too shy to try.  The threaders nearby have these kiosks or little store fronts set up that don’t provide for much privacy.  Who wants their epilation done on display for all the lookilous?  Public hair removal is a dignity issue ya’ll.This past Tuesday it was an especially quiet morning for shopping.  When I passed by the threader’s shop, I noticed it was empty and she was sitting quietly reading a book.  After walking just beyond the window front, I decided it was now or never.  I turned around and crossed the threshold.“Hi, can you do anything with these?”  I gesticulated hesitantly to my forehead.  You see I was laboring under the delusion that threading only worked on coarse hair, and I was not bestowed with a Brooke Shields brow bounty.“Yes, Yes,” she said and motioned for me to recline in her chair.  She had me hold my own eyelid down with one hand and pull my skin tight from above by placing the other hand on my forehead.My eyes were closed, but I felt the thread running across my brow pulled taught across her fingers like dental floss.  Almost too quickly to detect, she wove the thread through a row of hairs and yanked them all out with one quick maneuver.  Does it hurt?  Well, yeah, pulling hair out by the root hurts.  However, I do find it less painful than tweezing or waxing.  Whatever discomfort does surface is over and done with quick enough; in total she spent less than 5 minutes total shaping both brows.  When she was done a single tear rolled down my cheek which she dabbed away gently with a tissue as she sat me up and placed the hand mirror in my grasp for the big reveal.As far as I’m concerned, it may be the best five minutes I’ve spent on self-improvement all week.  The lines are precise and laser sharp.  The area above the brow, the brow bone, and between the brows is completely free of errant hairs as though it was waxed.  The procedure produced some redness, but it was quick to diminish, and I haven’t experienced the attendant breakouts so common with waxing and depilatories.We all know damn well what a good eyebrow shaping can do for a person: open up their face, make them appear rested, and maybe even look a few years younger.  Most people won’t know exactly what you did, but they will know you look better.  And this shit is a lot less expensive than fillers or botox.  In fact, threading is surprisingly economical.  Most threaders charge between $7-$12 for both brows.  I am so impressed by the outcome, next time I’m considering letting her do my whole face.Threading.  If you are curious, try.  Too many times I just walked curiously by.  Now after one visit,  I’m not only a threading convert, I’m an apostle.  Piss off waxers.

The Lasik Report

To speak from a fully informed perspective, I wanted to wait at least a week before reporting on my laser eye surgery.  Now after a full seven days and two follow up appointments, I see more accurately than 20/20.Is it worth it?  If you hate your contacts like I did, then yes.  You see better the very day of the procedure, there is virtually no downtime, and negligible risk.  No one has ever gone blind from Lasik – you know I asked. The procedure itself is quick.  It isn’t physically painful, but it is physically and psychologically uncomfortable.  Thankfully, the procedure only takes a few minutes per eye.  Clearer vision is immediately apparent after surfacing from the laser show and it continues to improve over the next 24-48 hours.It’s pricey, $1,700-$2,000+ for the most current bladeless technology PER EYE, depending on how you pay.  By my calculations, this range represents 3-5 years worth of contacts, eye exams, and glasses – not to mention the daily hassle and dependence.  Most of the major players in the game are national chains.  They specialize in laser eye surgery and have the resources to invest in the latest technology.  Most of these surgeons have performed several thousand procedures.  It obviously never hurts to inquire about the malpractice history and experience of the doctor performing the surgery.Two other considerations: approximately 10% of cases require revisions for a variety of patient-specific reasons, and later in life, you may still need reading glasses.As far as side effects, I suffered a small broken blood vessel in the corner of my eye, probably from bearing down on the clamp.  Dry eyes are pretty common as well.  Keep drops handy and it isn’t an issue.  Laser eye surgery has one of the highest rates of patient satisfaction, and it is obvious why.  What is there to complain about when you wake up seeing 20/20 or better? 

Today is the Day, so send some Love my way?

My contacts make me miserable.  Today is the day.  This morning I’m letting some dude laser my eyeballs in the quest for clearer sight. 

So fucking freaky right?

I promise to tell you all about it when it’s over.  I know it is a totally elective procedure, and those who have been through it say it’s no big deal.  Nevertheless, if you happen to have any protective and healing energy to spare today, I’d be much obliged.  Appreciate you.  xoxo, DC