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in case you missed it…

Most of you have heard about the struggles Bethenny Frankel has experienced while attempting to develop, market, and sell her version of a daily network talk show.  Reports surfaced that decision-makers didn’t think she wasn’t likable enough.  Then there were those pesky allegations concerning false labeling on Skinnygirl Margarita, which further chipped away at her crumbling credibility.  And it wasn’t so long ago confusion swirled around the value of the Skinnygirl sale.  The cumulative effect?  Page Six reports that any hope for a syndicated deal is as dead as a Thanksgiving turkey.You guys watching Revenge?  Can’t really say it’s good, but blank-eyed Amber Valletta and an Herve Leger-clad Madeleine Stowe have kept it mildly interesting.  How much has this fall sucked in terms of tv?  So much.  In any other year at any other time, Revenge wouldn’t even be worth mentioning.We are neither surprised by nor interested in the break up of Ashton and Demi’s marriage.  Nobody seriously thought that shit would last, so the media can just relax with all their pearl clutching.  We all know the grounds for divorce.  Under the reason for dissolution, next to Ashton’s name, check the “douche” box; next to Demi’s, check “desperately clinging to youth.”

2 Broke Girls

Seen this show 2 Broke Girls?  Probably not since it lives on CBS, but Bravo can’t be your everything folks.  Lately, I’ve taken to waiting until a new show gets picked up for a second season before I start watching the first to save myself the sense of abandonment when a good show gets prematurely canceled, but the returning fall offerings have been so lackluster, I bent the rule for this show.  Before you get all dismissive, consider the birth parents: Michael Patrick King (of SATC) and Whitney CummingsKat Dennings serves up sarcasm and Brooklyn (choke out this word) hipster attitude as waitress Max Black dishing diner food to Williamsburg’s most insufferable skinny jeans set.  It has been said that Manhattan was the fifth character in Sex and the City; the same can be said of Dennings’ ample rack in 2 Broke Girls.  They practically have dialogue. Beth Behrs does her best Legally Blond impression as Caroline Channing, a Wharton graduate ex-socialite now broke after her father was indicted in a Ponzi scheme.  She’s present, but has slightly less dimension than their backyard co-star Chestnut the horse.2 Broke Girls isn’t perfect.  For instance, any Brooklyn hipster worth his pretension would know that cupcakes are so five years ago.  But really, there isn’t much else on, and it harbors seeds of potential.  It’s a fuckload better than Gossip Girl.  Tell me you aren’t wasting precious moments of your life on that irrelevant mess.  Let us declare today that Gossip Girl and cupcakes are banned. Fatwa. Over.  Enough.