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lip service

Over the last few seasons we’ve witnessed a return to the statement lip.  Bypassing regular go-to red, many opted to experiment with bolder shades like bright matte pink.  By now you’ve seen gals give this trend a go with mixed results.  Perhaps you’ve noticed that the wrong shade of dense matte lipstick can age even a dewy 20 year old.The face of Fall 2012 offers a softer and more accessible lip.  Armani showed us a pucker one could kiss without needing a make-up removing wipe afterwards.  Is there anything less dignified than thumbing smears of lipstick off a victim’s face after a smooch?Karl cosigned a similar natural pout at Fall 2012 Chanel Couture.  Hi Lindsey Wixson.  That’s not to say the runways were free from dissent; Jean Paul Gaultier served us red and glossy with his immaculately tailored lady-pimp collection. 

Fall 2012 Couture: beads, buns, and butterflies

Couture cotton balls at Chanel. Limp dick beaded buns at Armani Privé.Tucked tidy as Blanche’s balls with a hairnet at Valentino.Who’s bold enough to work a veil outside of the altar?Buns served on a bed of fishnet bondage bank robberess at Jean Paul Gaultier.Super upscale lesbian chic at Chanel.A good distraction for a challenging face day by Giambattista Valli.Say bye with butterflies from the back.

Fall 2012 Couture: Givenchy

Fall 2012 Couture: Versace

Fall 2012 Couture: The New Dior

Do we like what Raf is creating at Dior?Is this a house that suffers under the weight of its own iconic history?Can an institution be reborn?Do we appreciate the return of the pointy shoe?Do these models look extra miserable?

Giambattista Valli Fall 2012 Couture ~ nymphomania

Kolfinna KristofersdottirMarie PiovesanNastya KusakinaCaroline Brasch NielsenJemma BainesAlexandra MartynovaJulia NobisElza LuijendijkZuzanna BijochKate KingIrina NikolaevaFrida GustavssonKarlina Caune