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Decent Deals

I trust you’ve kept your head above the recent flood of commercialism.  Now that the high waters have begun to recede, some really good bargains are surfacing.  This is a very opportune time to pick up a fresh new coat at a deep discount.  Avoid baby doll styles which are done, and invest in a belted style to carry you through next winter and beyond.

Chunky knits aren’t going anywhere.  Fair Isle was the major pattern statement this season for both sexes.  However, if you plan to invest serious money, an amazing solid color won’t look tired after a couple seasons.

An interesting pair of boots will refresh your look through spring.  Boots with opaque tights is the warm way to rock dresses in the winter.  You’ll stand out against the sea of boring pants.

Wanna dip your toe into the prestige pond?  Stores slash prices on gift sets after the holidays, and this provides the perfect opportunity to try several products from one brand.  Often a clearance gift set costs the same or less than a single full-priced item.  Caution, check product sizes: some sets contain a full-sized collection and others dwarfed versions.


Experiment with volume at the top and bottom, but maintain integrity at the waist.A variety of prints including abstracts and florals, big and small, appear modern when paired with sheer layers.Want to bring a less obvious sex appeal to the party?  Might be surprised at the unexpected attention a sophisticated, nude dress can garner.

Rediscover the day dress with Erin Fetherston.Keep voluminous skirts shorter for day…..

…and for night.


FALL FASHION 2010: cinched-waist suiting and separates

A sophisticated vision for Fall 2010 requires polish that suiting and tailored separates provide.

A timeless black suit might be worth the splurge.

Skinny or wide.



Metallics remain a strong trend for evening this Fall.

Strong shoulders keep the silhouette tough for autumn nights.

Epitomize glamour with (faux) fur over a drapey gown.

Fabric, colors, and patterns usually relegated to spring made their way onto the runway.

Unusual plums and purples look fresh.

Shimmering columns with interesting detail surfaced at Ferretti and Gaultier.

Black or white at Derek Lam.

Fall Eyewear: Oversized Cat Eye

Those of you who think sunglasses are only for summer are the same ones who develop early crows feet.  Sunglasses provide mystery, protection, and glamour year-round.   The look for Fall 2010: oversized cat eye.  Think Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface.

Remember, the look is OVERSIZED.  That means your eyebrows don’t show.  These red Carmen shades by Derek Lam exemplify the proper scale. Experiment with gold, green, tortoise, or black.  This shape works in a variety of colors and textures.  Werk Palermo!

Can’t go wrong with Tom Ford.

For the love of Christ, retire the Ray-Bans.


While the primary palette for Fall 2010 is black and gray, pops of color, especially red, punctuate the neutral landscape.

Consider cinnamon leather cigarette pants seen here at Balmain.

Soften the bold shade by letting it bleed into white.

Little Red Riding Hood takes a trip to Maison Martin Margiela.

Steal the scene in an unapologetically crimson cocktail frock.

Floating fire at Giambattista Valli.

Alright Beckham, you wore us down.

Embrace whimsy with scarlet separates.

Kill two birds with one stone with a ruby suit.

Mayjah gowns bitches!