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i resolve…

LISTENI resolve to listen.TAKE BETTER CAREI resolve to take better care of myself. OLD RESENTMENTSI resolve to let go of old resentments.DAILY POST

I resolve to post everyday because you bitches yell at me when I skip a day and I love you for it.

WORK HARDER AND SMARTERI resolve to work harder and smarter.DETACHI resolve to remain detached from the outcome.  LOVE V FEARI resolve to make decisions based on love and not fear.

Sebastian Faena Forever



Happy Birthday Bulls!  You are powerful and successful and are accustomed to others telling you so.  Tauruses work hard and both deserve and reap the rewards of their labor.  A planner in general, now is the time to map out the course for the next year.  Interpersonally, you can be a real pain in the ass.  Stubborn and at times irrational, Bulls are notoriously difficult, but you make up for it with generosity. This month the heavens align in a way that’s favorable for relationships.  Don’t squander all the planetary good will with a tendency for needing to get in the last word.


May looks mad hectic with both fun and obligations Gemini.  To survive all the demands, make sleep a priority.  When tired and hungry you are down right bitchy, so take care of yourself or others will find you utterly intolerable. Be mindful of your belongings while traveling, and try to make it a relaxing trip.


Crabs can expect a trifecta of good fortune at work, and with family and friends this month.  Look forward to fun and romance; your dance card will be full.  Prepare some cute outfits now.  In addition to extracurricular fun, this will also be an important month for networking.  Smart Crabs seize May’s opportunities and exploit them for the greatest all-around gain.  Remember the big picture.


While out and about this month, distracted Leos lose stuff – like a phone, wallet, ring or keys, so mind your belongings or prepare for the hassle that comes with misplacing any of the above.  If you fail to heed this advice and experience loss, take extra care in replacing the item.  The good news is that the planets align for a windfall this month in the form of an award, prize, or trip.  Luck favors Leos, but you’ll need more than good fortune to face tough workplace competition.


May presents challenges for Virgos.  Someone you trust is trying to manipulate and mislead you surrounding a new opportunity.  The moral and ethical strength of the Virgo makes them vulnerable to over-trusting.  A good rule for you – assume everyone will try to fuck you over and operate from that place.  Trust, but verify.  Don’t let anyone pressure you when making financial decisions in May.  Changes in the home front make for even greater community involvement and neighborly introductions.


Financially Libras benefit in May, particularly mid-month when previous industriousness pays off.  Beyond money, May presents a few obstacles.  Without a doubt, avoid travel or legal dealings in the third and fourth weeks.  Libras prefer everyone to be happy, and you’ve sacrificed quite a bit lately to make that happen.  A treat is coming your way to make up for all your compromise.


The words positivity and Scorpio don’t always go together, but this May Scorpios shine.  Scorpios can be self-indulgent in some ways, but down right restrictive in others.  Up the ante this month by investing in yourself; the dress, the trip, a new haircut, teeth whitening, find the spark that will take you from an 8 to 10.  Planetary alignment turns up the Scorpio charm and dulls Scorpio’s pricklier traits. This month you’ll be unusually upbeat and glowy which of course bodes well for romance and work.  All those interpersonal quirks that hold you back vanish this month.  Take advantage.


Sagittarians sail a sea of tranquility this May.  A rosy disposition and pleasing personality make for harmonious relationships, easy workplace interaction, and chill family times.  Even though you ain’t one to gossip, keep your ears open for some intel that could be valuable later.  Float around like your charming self, flirt, have fun, and enjoy a beautiful month.


Capricorns get to lighten up in May.  Get outside this month with family and friends and shake off winter.  All the excitement towards the end of the month can get really distracting.  This can result in clumsy accidents, so be mindful of letting your feet get in front of your head.  Hold major meetings or projects off until June if possible.  Start now and things could get messy.  Even though you aren’t the recipient this time, share in the glow of good news received by friends and family.


Aquarian energy is best spent on career this month.  Make sure those in power see what you can do and it will advance your career.  This could be a big move for you if you play it right; not just a job promotion, but an elevation of lifestyle and prestige.  The atmosphere is ripe for misplacing valuables or carelessly supplying thief with opportunity, so mind your shit.  Romance looks favorable, but it ain’t the main event in May.


Fishies swim with the current and experience a mellow May.  A favorable time for travel and socializing, throw a weekend trip together with friends.  Already expressive, Pisces feel almost a compulsive need to communicate this month.  This propensity only creates problems when you blurt without thinking first.  Take a deep breath and articulate thoughts clearly to avoid hurt feelings.  Remember, when it comes to chatter, less is always more.


Aries seriously deserve a break.  Always on the go, the past few weeks haven been extra hectic.  May provides an opportunity to focus energy on a few deserving relationships.  Instead of giving a lot of people a little love, give a lot of love to a select few.  The pocketbook looks full the last half of the month, so enjoy the added sense of security.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe