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December 2013 Horoscopes

SagittariusSAG EBO

Happy Birthday Sag!  After a year of achievement you are ready to roll out the newest and most improved version of yourself.  Congratulations on all you have accomplished and how far you have come this year.  Life is about to get bigger, bolder, and more interesting.  Envision a plan that will unfold over the next several months and culminate mid-summer.  Whatever purpose you set forth now, you’ll have the momentum and capability to successfully execute it.  The first week of December, professional connections prove a most important element to your success; best not to burn any bridges since you’ll need good word of mouth through the end of the summer and beyond.  After a period of social alienation, Sags fall back in with a like-minded crowd.  You are excited and engaged by the synergy of ideas this new group has to offer and are nourished by the camaraderie.  Don’t totally unhinge on the 17th when the full moon unleashes a riptide of emotions and drama.  Realize it is always in your nature to think of yourself first.  Recognize this time you are unreasonable.  When you feel yourself all worked up into a Sag tizzy, remember making amends liberates.  You are not a victim.  In fact, mostly you are the dickhead.  Admit that you have consciously or unconsciously hurt others.  When you feel the urge to recoil in self-pity, open your heart instead.


Go to bed Capricorn!  December is your month to recharge and it’s vitally important to your well-being that you get some rest.  Cuddle up and complete your holiday shopping online.  Back out of parties.  Commit only to your pajamas.  Whether you heed the advice to rest or not will come into play mid-month when your health either shows the benefits of rest or the signs of neglect in illness and fatigue.  Overworked Caps tend to eat whatever is handy regardless of nutrition content and sustenance.  Realize how these mindless choices affect your productivity in the long-run.  Resist the temptation to save the day at work.  This time it isn’t your problem.  Before blowing up all your bottled frustration at a loved-one this month, first consider what you really need and then ask for it.  Nobody likes a tantrum.


Throw a party Aquarius!  You are feeling fun, social, and flirty this December.  Gather up your old favorites and your new friends and make merry.  Especially on December 17th, expect a magic – if you are trying to conceive this is your night.  Watch the partying though, a thoughtless inebriated comment might really end up hurting someone you care for.  As December concludes, Aquarius is ready to retire.  The energy is ripe for conflict on Christmas day, so do all you can to temper your ego in arguments.  Who cares if you are right?  Forcing your position down our throats makes you unlikable.  Find something else to do to occupy your mind like crafts with the kids, a snowball fight, or baking.


In these last days of the year Pisces, triumph could finally be yours after twelve months of hard-work.  December initiates a six-month period of professional advancement.  A new career opportunity or promotion buoys your confidence and alleviates financial stress to some degree.  A positive energetic atmosphere provides the space for you to come into your most authentic genuine self in December.  This month provides for chance meetings with old friends, moments of winsome nostalgia, and memory-making with family.  There are two areas of potential concern: 1) jealousy and one-upmanship in the gift-giving arena; and 2) simmering unexpressed hostility with a female relative.  Come prepared with strategies to deescalate conflict – like with your cheerful antics, or by removing yourself from the situation entirely.


Thanks goodness for you this month Aries!  You are all good cheer, generosity, and well-wishing (we need it so thank you).  Unusually talkative and expressive, Aries feels especially optimistic and enthusiastic about life in December.  As part of this adventurous spirit, travel appeals to Aries, so consider where you might like to land.  On the 9th, a harmonious energetic triangle forms which could lead to a major emotional breakthrough in your intimate relationships.  With family, loans are repaid (literally or metaphorically).  A wave of forgiveness washes out months of pent up hostility.  Tense energy around Christmas has everybody especially sensitive.  To keep the peace Aries, reign in your fiery and combative nature.  You are already naturally overly aggressive, tone it down or end up in an embarrassing and inappropriate screaming match.


Turn in Taurus.  Hibernate this December to recharge from your hectic pace.  Stay home and don’t worry if your social demand temporarily slows, it will return in full force.  Stock your fridge (and your bong) with green leafy goodness.  Leave the alcohol and the fatty foods to the revelers.  With the new moon on the 17th, your financial sector looks strong, but your emotional restraint weak.  Taurus is susceptible to emotional outbursts – ones you usually regret – so think twice and take three deep breaths before going hard on a motherfucker.  Christmas is expected to be tense for everyone.  Ground all the crazy energy with thoughtful words and actions.  Your steady Taurus influence can really make a difference when other folks with less self-control are climbing the walls.


Gemini is in the mood for romance, courtship, and love during this especially relationship-minded time.  Around the 7th, you might even make a baby if you aren’t careful.  The new moon on the 17th brings both good and bad tidings.  Plans set in motion back in June now blossom into full expression.  Take credit for what you have manifested.  On the flipside, simmering tension could cause a backlash with one person in particular.  Refrain from snide commentary; just let the wave of hostility crash and recede.  Christmas will be tense for everyone, but for you this means spreading your energy too thin among too many.  All-over-the-place Gemini requires grounding.  Dig into activities that make you feel less scattered and more centered.


This December, Cancer is all about creating healthy alternatives to the crush of fat and sugar this holiday season.  Even though you love a tasty delight as much as the next Crab, the new moon has you motivated to make meaningful lifestyle changes.  In the midst of a four month quieting, now reevaluate and assimilate the change you’ve experienced in the preceding year.  Use this time to set the course for the coming months.  Love looks goods for most of the month, particularly the middle two weeks when you feel especially intimate and cozy.  When Christmas conflict arises, stay out of it!  Cancer’s tendency to mediate and supplicate won’t help with the tense and unreasonable factions warring.  There isn’t anything for you to offer the situation except silence.


We are all relying on you to tack up the mistletoe this year Leo.  Your fun and festive energy is exactly what we need this December.  The flirtatious bulbs you plant now will blossom into to full blown love blooms by the summer.  Thanks goodness you are around to add some desperately needed compassion to the family table this holiday season.  With almost everybody at each other’s throats, your forgiving energy is the perfect counterpoint and example.  The new moon on the 17th could bring with it a blunt tongue.  Take extra measures to soften your delivery.  An unintended sharp tone paired with another’s oversensitivity could spell social disaster.  Christmas brings out the worst in you this year and you might be jointly responsible for holiday drama if you don’t cool your worst tendencies, especially with siblings.


Cuddle up at home this month Virgo.  Recharge and replenish by sleeping long nights and surfing the sofa.  Even though you would rather be at home you are thinking big.  By physically slowing down, Virgo has the time and energy to put towards solutions and expansion.  There will be evenings you need to muster your energy and your best dress for important social-professional gatherings.  Big relationship decisions – like the degree to which to merge – come forth on the 17th.  You may be tempted to go sorting through old trunks of musty emotional rubbage.  If you must.  More importantly, don’t stuff your feelings down in a stocking Virgo.  Just tell us what you need.  Resist the urge to be cunty or shut down in response to caustic Christmas energy.  Don’t blame other people for your financial stress.  You are the one who waited until the last minute and then overspent.


December is a wonderful time for you Libra.  It’s full of fizzy chatter and the exchange of ideas.  Buy an extra cell phone charger – you’re bound to need it.  Libra feels extra charismatic, energized, and effective.  Take advantage of your power and confidence.  Go for what you want at work.  The 17th brings on a travel itch.  Get to planning your dream trip.  Loved up Libras enjoy nesting, decorating, and cozy family time.  Beware of challenging energy that coincides with Christmas.  You contribute to the chaos by promising too much.  You simply can’t be everywhere at once.  Set up expectations and you will let people down this year; best not to commit.


Work is everything for you in December Scorpio as you ride the last wave of professional momentum into the New Year.  Always practical, you know you need a bulging purse to meet every upcoming obligation and you are ready to put in the hours to pay every bill and end up with a little leftover for your 2014 travel fund.  Scorpio needs to look extrasexual for that holiday party this year because you could meet someone very interesting indeed.  The second week of December commences a period of conservation for Scorpio.  Over the next nine months, you will experience an emotional purging and accompanying fits of struggle.  This is an important healing time to process grief, let go of past loves, and make amends.  Graciously provide yourself more sleep to restore.  Scorpio, you know your Christmas-time triggers, so just get a hotel room and spare us all your grouching.


Casual Crowd Pleasers

I get mad compliments on these Pop Ink plates every time I bust them out for guests.  Made of melamine, they aren’t too fancy, but they are super cute and practical for everyday.