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Bethenny Ever After: Food God Nick

Without question the single most interesting person on this week’s Bethenny Ever After was Food God Nick.  Returning from a Fatwitch mission, Nick bumped into Jason and Bethenny at POP Burger.  Last season Nick interviewed to work as Bethenny’s assistant.  Even though he was an utter delight, she gave the job to the twinkly-eyed, smooth-talking lothario Max.  Since Max failed to follow up good interview with great assisting, Bethenny’s now regretting the decision — a lament only compounded and refreshed by continuous run-ins with Nick at the best foodie hangouts in NYC.I hope these occasional cameos get Food God Nick laid.  All ya’ll in NYC, this is a mercy fuck if I ever saw one.  Take one for the team.The next day, Bethenny and Jason bickered over (yup, you guessed it!) visiting his parents the following weekend.  As you know, Jason wants his parents there more often than not; Bethenny prefers a once a month or less rotation.Anyone catch this underhanded dick maneuver from Jason: “You need to talk to your man, whoever you talk to, your therapist or whoever it is, you need to like put that on the list, you need to get over this because I’m not wrong.”  Hey Jason, have you considered looking into therapy to sort out your weird mommy issues?

Bethenny finally gave Julie a much-deserved raise and promotion, and in a well-timed coincidence, The Rachel Ray Show offered to makeover JulieBethenny left a puddle on her seat working herself up into an embarrassing flirt frenzy with a marginally handsome segment producer.  Over-worked and underfucked must be the theme of the Frankel household because Gina tried her wiles on John, an unsuspecting sound guy.  Thank heavens Julie arrived to break up the awkwardness, and as an added bonus she seemed genuinely surprised.Bethenny took Jason’s words to heart: later in therapy she opened up to Dr. Amador about the in-law issue.  After stating the obvious, that everyone handles their families differently, Doc challenged Bethenny’s thinking on the issue.  Then he clearly and unequivocally advised her not to discuss it with Jason.So later on she couldn’t help but discuss the issue with Jason after they cheesed it up with some embarrassing role playing at A60.  The two hit a frustrated discussion impasse.  Jason insists his way is normal, and Bethenny doesn’t want to go through life feeling like a freak.  Even though in the end they hugged it out, this argument is hardly over.  It’s just going to keep popping back up, every three weeks, until something major changes.