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Ms. Lauryn Hill: Queen of the Stanky Face

IMG_4894IMG_4929Lauryn Hill is one of the few artists for whom my affection has never waned.  I saw her in her mainstream prime in 1998.  Recently, I caught up with Ms. Hill again.  Her voice is as honest as ever.  Sure, her rearrangements of older material display distinct signs of mania.  She relies a little too heavily on the Bob Marley box set to fill out her 2.5 + hour show, but I don’t care because there’s nobody alive I would rather hear singing Bob Marley covers than Ms. Lauryn Hill.  She fusses at her band, the lighting guy, and the sound tech.  She’s a true artist and has the temperament to match.  She makes the best stanky faces when the going gets good.  Yeah, she’s late to start, but she’s also late to finish.  We didn’t get out of there until 1:30 am.  Ms. Lauryn Hill doesn’t come cheap, but she gives you your money’s worth.  Catch her if you can because she’s blessed with rare genius. IMG_4936IMG_4991IMG_5076


MYSTERY GIRLSFor research and curiosity’s sake, I watched the first two episodes of Tori Spelling’s new scripted series Mystery Girls.  While one might think a Jennie Garth/Tori Spelling nostalgia combo platter would be comforting, in actuality it’s just depressing (not to mention poorly written).  I’m starting to think Tori Spelling lives her whole life as though it was episodic television.  Skip Mystery Girls in favor of Cabin FeverTori and Dean’s Canadian lake cabin renovation reality show filmed last year before all the cheating drama went public.  Some of the renovation ideas are cute and clever.  The kids show up, and I was so happy to see precious Patsy.  Bear witness to the last days of Tori & Dean.  Trouble finding Cabin Fever?  That’s because the reality-renovation show’s marooned on Great American Country (yeah, apparently that’s a network).  CABIN FEVERI’ve seen Obvious Child.  Twice.  I don’t want to tell you what to think about it, but I recommend you support this movie in the theater.  We need more projects like this one funded and available in wide release.  Gaby Hoffman is everything.  I need her to doula my baby.  Jenny Slate, you were on the brink of alienating us with your conspicuous, showy, enduring display of impossibly toned abs.  OBVIOUS CHILDI finally got around to watching Orange is the New Black.  (Thanks Lisa&Paul.)  Well worth your time, but I warn you binge watching that show locked me into such an incarcerated headspace.  I’m late on the bandwagon, so I won’t bother repeating how well-written, diverse, and interesting OITNB is… just get around to it if you haven’t already.OITNB


Demeter Clarc Artist Spotlight: Arabella Tattershall




EMA LOST LAKEI saw EMA this week at a local hole in the wall.  This joint is so small you literally brush elbows with the talent.  She invited Mas Ysa to open for her.  He was neither superb nor abysmal.  I would describe his set like I describe this website – as amateurish, but charming.  Anyway, after he finished and during EMA‘s set he settles in next to me.  We chat a little.  He sporadically shouts at the stage and dances wildly with nervous over-intensity.  I tried to reassure him with a few kind words about his performance.  I came to see EMA, so I’m not trying to talk to the opening act during her set.  That seems a bit disrespectful.  The room is small, so everyone can see everyone.  After loudly proclaiming his love for the headliner, he flailed around for two songs and then split for the bar.  I suspect this is a metaphor for his entire existence.  Sometimes, you learn everything you need to know about someone in the first two songs.  MAS YSA


November 2013 Horoscopes


Happy Birthday Scorpio!  This is your year for reinvention and it all begins with the solar eclipse and new moon combo on November 3rd.  A surge of energy ignites the power of transformation.  Finally, you are ready to step into your full and unlimited potential, and you possess all the skills and ambition to do so.  November marks the commencement of a new life trajectory.  Your substantial gifts are the source of your abundance and your talent is worth paying for.  Professionally, the idea of a partner has always intrigued you.  A potentially worthy candidate makes you an interesting offer.  Hold off until after the retrograde concludes on the 9th before you make any decisions or commitments.  Part of the new Scorpio paradigm will be the way you view and value relationships moving forward.  Contrary to your innate nature, single Scorpios should keep it light and breezy in November.  Guard your heart and your genitals.  Group socializing is the best bet for pressure-free flirtatious fun this month.  If you do meet someone, it will be locally.  Or you may transform an existing friendship into a romantic fling.  Scorpios thirsty for a drink of matrimony should wait until the 17th to confirm whether or not this one is the oneScorpios going back and forth on whether to spawn will know for sure whether they want to change diapers after the 13th.  Knock out any last minute trips before the 7th when grounding forces combine to keep you close to home through March of 2014.


Sags, the first three weeks of the month are part of your annual hibernation period literally and metaphorically.  Feeling depleted, you would rather sleep than anything else and it’s a good thing since you are a hot foggy mess of ineffectuality.  As you look towards concluding certain matters, all you can think about is finishing with your dignity intact.  Parties feel like work this month, so just skip out on hosting and decline as many invitations as possible because you won’t be any fun anyway.  As you close one chapter, the opportunity for a new start comes with Scorpio’s November 3rd new moon.  Inventory friendships and prepare to let go of those that no longer serve you.  Some friends may find the new and improved more confident Sag threatening.  Place an uncomfortable distance between you and the unsupportive in your circle.  Scour your own mental landscape for areas of anguish and do some work to resolve your feelings before your birthday arrives.  Since you are kind of a dick this month, best to just wash your sheets and go to bed.  We’ll see you for cake and candles in a few weeks.



Technological and communication glitches plague Caps through the first week of the month.  Everything from your cell phone to your laptop could potentially go awry.  Build in some extra time for tech crisis management.  Traditionally, Caps either have to be in control of a relationship or completely detached.  Scorpio’s new moon influence on the 3rd triggers a reevaluation of your rigid and bifurcated categorizations.  Domestically Caps feel unsettled.  Is it a move?  A renovation?  A new roommate?  What will it take to pacify matters?  The answer to these questions may not be clear yet, but Caps contemplate a more satisfying home life in November.  You know you take on too much – too much responsibility for burdens that aren’t yours to bear.  Enough of that.  You can’t afford to be so generous with your energy.  Keep it for yourself.


Aquarius has been working a slow burn career strategy and all those big plans and aspirations take shape this November.  For the first week or so of the month, concentrate on organizing, clarifying, and fact-checking.  Get everything in place, so that when the energetic fog lifts you are ready to present cogent ideas.  Aquarius isn’t great at physically withstanding the impact of stress.  Regressive forces in your health sector leave you particularly vulnerable in November.  You know how to take care of yourself with proper rest, hydration, exertion, and nourishment, so no excuses.  Avoid sugar.  Cash flow continues to be an area of concern due to your lax attitude on spending.  By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you’ll be feeling social and may even enjoy a run in with some old friends.  Enjoy a heartfelt round of reminiscing.



Pisces crave diversity and adventure in November.  This urge could manifest in a trip or just a more out-going approach to conversing with a wide range of interesting people.  Just hold out on making any travel arrangements until Mercury’s retrograde ends the 9th.  Professionally, you feel confident and enthusiastic.  The new moon in Scorpio infuses Pisces with a joojsh of energy on the 3rd.  Your impulsive nature could come in handy when making a quick decision on a big unforeseen opportunity.  Pisces remains financially precarious the first half of November.  All this other activity means love or the pursuit of love takes a secondary position in your life in November.  Fear not; your libido and powers of seduction will return when other pressing areas of your life are properly ordered.


Merging is November’s theme for Aries.  You closely examine your relationships both personal and professional.  When you think about joining forces with this person or group, do you feel a buzz of excitement or an energetic suck?  Old feelings about past relationships continue to creep into your psyche through the 9th.  Acknowledge what surfaces and try to learn the lesson these people were brought into your life to teach you.  Aries must reach a decision on unresolved flip-flopping issues on the 3rd or the universe will make the choice for you.  Aries just may get that proposal or solidify your desire to propose.  November forces you to balance your free time against your professional commitments and ultimate career goals.  Consider whether your own personal rigidity has created hurdles to your advancement.


Taurus is ravenous for a soul mate and a true partner.  As you can’t help but look back on your past loves, perhaps with a pang of nostalgia and longing, know that this emotional back peddle won’t last forever (just through the retrograde).  Use this period of reflection to examine former relationships to better understand what you now truly desire in a mate.  Don’t get confused and think you want to get back together with an ex.  Uncoupled Bulls could find love in the most mundane of places, but that doesn’t mean the spark is ordinary.  This could be a BIG LOVE.  For partnered Bulls, a major commitment or new responsibility could change everything between you – a new house, proposal, or baby perhaps?  All you want to do this November is bundle up with your sweetie and hide away from the world in your love nest and fuck.



Clean up your act Gemini, you’ve gotten sloppy!  Look down at your body.  When is the last time it broke a sweat?  See that stack of disorganized paper?  It’s calling for a file cabinet.  What about that disorganized closet?  You know you can hang things in there?  November is the time to get your shit together after a lengthy period of slack.  For you Gemini, Scorpio means support, and you’ll be looking for somebody to lean on as the new moon bears its influence on November 3rd.  Your immunity is compromised this month, so best to stay away from crowds.  If there’s a bug in the air, you will catch it.  Gemini continues to feel uprooted through the first half of the month, but those feelings will eventually subside.  Romantically, you can’t decide if you want light and easy or deep and intense.  I get that dithering is your thing Gemini, but you can’t have it both ways.  An untrustworthy friend gets in your head and clouds your judgment if you aren’t keen enough to see this person’s manipulation for its possessive roots.


Climb outta your shell Cancer, November has all the makings for lots of super fun times.  First, you catch major, well-deserved shine personally and professionally for your recent efforts.  Second, you are super fertile this November, so just keep that in mind unless you want a bun in your oven by Thanksgiving.  A clash between work and home life forces difficult choices.  Obviously, you’d love to shirk your professional responsibility and bang, bang, bang on the door of the love shack, but you are under the watchful eye of the powers that be, so disappoint your hunny this time and do work.  The second half of the month, Cancer actually gets a chance to review and process all that has happened in the proceeding months.  Now with more objectivity, you are able to craft a meaningful narrative out of the cluttered pile of experiences.  Overindulgence becomes a problem in November unless you consciously and repeatedly limit yourself.


Leo, we are all coming to your house for Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Energetically tethered to the home and hearth in November, you are ready to host a gorgeous and thoughtful feast for friends and family. Don’t overburden yourself by agreeing to host house-guests.  It won’t go well and they won’t leave, trust.  Looking at those same four walls all month has you contemplating a move or a spruce.  Leos want their homes to rise up to meet them this November.  After a positive stretch at work, Leos struggle with delegating.  As much as you would like to cast yourself as indispensable, you can’t do the job of everyone else.  Save your energy – though you will receive some gratitude for your team playing around the 17th.  Express yourself, including any lingering grief, through non-verbal creative activities like painting, playing music, or dancing.


Virgo brims with ideas and an obsessive desire to communicate them in November.  You will be all over town speaking publicly, small-talking, and chatting privately among the influential.  Always a productive go-getter, previously you’ve externalized your energy to help others.  A shift occurs and you start to apply some of that can-do attitude to yourself to craft the life you truly desire.  Romantically, Virgo is in the midst of a three year relationship upheaval.  You have already experienced this drama in the preceding 18 months.  For the relationship to survive, it must change.  If possible, stick close to home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  By month’s end, your only wish will be a mellow weekend in bed.  Boost your appeal with a wardrobe update.  Hit those holiday sales and freshen your stash.


You are buying dinner this month you rich bitch!  Good for you Libra, your Birkin is full of cash this November.  The flipside of this abundance is that it makes you vulnerable to theft.  Mind your things.  Review your statements.  Protect your identity.  The one thing you won’t be fighting over at home is money.  Everything else, however… well just don’t expect November to be all domestic bliss and pumpkin pie.  Tension builds in your central relationship as the demands of your family butt up against the wishes of your partner.  Where will you spend the holidays?  Disregard so-called familial obligation and put your partner first.  An intense period of closeness begins mid-month.  The sex will be good.  This could result in a baby.  Evaluate your long term career goals and consider how you would best like to balance your time and energy in support of your dreams for the future.


Neko Case, can we be friends?

NEKO CASE LIVEMaybe I just have a weakness for Titian songstresses: Florence Welch, Tori Amos, Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler, but I thought Neko Case was the cat’s pajamas when she blew through town the other night.  Even though she felt shitty complaining of a cold, she filled up the whole room with her velvety bourbon-flavored sound.  NEKO CASE FALLONNeko’s total transparency makes for such an appealing live experience.  Without any trepidation she launches courageously into acapella.  The sound is as clear, piercing, warm and authentic as possible.  Nothing blocks the transmission of energy between Neko and her audience.  When she speaks to her devoted fans, it’s like she’s sitting at the next bar stool.  She banters with her band with what seems like sincere and jovial camaraderie.  The dynamic feels intimate, as if you are backstage after the show.  Maybe that explains why people shouted requests from all over the theater?  I have never heard so much aggressive requesting at any show I have ever attended ever.  It’s not a piano bar people.  (And enough with the Freebird.  Tiredest joke ever.)Lately, I’ve been really fed up with the rude-ass behavior of my fellow attendees (ehhhhem MGMT douches), but at Neko’s show my boldly printed vintage jumpsuit was enthusiastically appreciated by at least three separate sets of fawning complimenters, (not even including the cute pedicab driver on the street afterwards).  This is not intended as a humble-brag, I’m just highlighting that in Neko’s tribe the women support wild jumpsuit wearing. NEKO CASE LITTLE BIRDNeko Case is on tour now.  Please go see her.  She is sublime.  Afterwards you’ll wish she was your best friend.Neko Case on her horse farm in rural Vermont

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Sunday with Beatrix Potter


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