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3 for Friday

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY1) The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is going to suck ass.  The books were a joke and the movie will be worse.  I don’t know who these hopeful presale bitches are breaking box office records.  Strike that, yes I do; the same bitches that bought tickets to that indefensible Twilight mess.  Charlie Hunnam really dodged a semi-sized dookie by dropping out of this project.  BRUCE JENNER2) Is it possible to support the courageous bravery of Bruce Jenner’s transition and still be a little unsettled by it?GARY SHIPLEY TEEN MOM3) Best product to come out of a reality show?  Teen Mom’s Gary Shipley launched his own line of prophylactics. GARY SHIPLEY CONDOM


Story of O > Fifty Shades of Grey

While traveling this week, I broke down and read the much-hyped Fifty Shades of Grey.  Don’t waste your time; it’s total drivel.  Author E L James routinely refers to the female genitalia as “there.”  The writing is consistently atrocious.  People claim it is a pager turner?  Yeah, because you want it to be over.  Want classic BDSMStory of O exceeds Fifty in every way.  It is better written, more graphic, and a timeless classic.  If you actually like Fifty, you’ll fucking love O.