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Itchy, twitchy, and bitchy

Sorry for the delay.  I suffered a wicked case of unexplained hives over the last couple days that drove me to distraction.  I tried everything to get the migrant irritation to settle, but eventually I just broke down and took an allergy pill.  Not sure what caused the outbreak, but the constant itching was driving me bananas. So what did you think of American Horror Story: Asylum?  Pretty spooky, right?  Murphy and Falchuk repeatedly focused on imagery of folks strapped down to gurneys.  This season explores themes of restraint, imprisonment, drugs, mental illness, and religion.  While I suspect that the series will rely heavily on well-tread ground – Cuckoo’s Nest anyone?  Hopefully, Asylum will present new twists on the genre favorite.  More importantly, will the show have any heart without Connie Britton?  Uggg, and wasn’t Adam Levine just so Levinesque.  The hand lick.  Gross.  And that’s not the first time we’ve seen that misogynistic move on this show.Do we care that Justin and Jessica are getting married in Italy this weekend?  I didn’t think so.  Ben Affleck is to Jennifer Garner as Justin Timberlake is to Jessica Biel.



What the fuck is up with Sons of Anarchy?  Last season’s detour to Ireland tried our patience, but the theme this season seems to be beat a bitch down. In the single worst narrative decision in television history, Jax mercilessly bloodied Ima.  With this beating, Sutter killed lady-boners everywhere.  Jax has totally lost his appeal now.  If you think the female constituency doesn’t matter, ask who controls the remote in your house.  Tara’s crippled with a van door smashed hand courtesy of Clay’s ordered hit gone wrong.  Even the usually powerful Gemma survived a flinch-inducing face fisting from her husband.  Hate women much Sutter?  The writers may rationalize the misogyny to seal Clay’s identity as a wife-beating villain unworthy of survival, but who will pull the trigger?  Usually, in these scenarios, the violence against women is used as a justification for vengeance by another man.   You know, some tired white-knight-damsel-in-distress cliché. Has Sutter managed to fully alienate his female audience, or is there still time to repair the damage in the final episodes of the season?

For Better or Worse: Early Fall Edition

For Better…

With Taylor gone, I feared The Rachel Zoe Project had lost its teeth.  With the addition of A-listers like Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway however, RZP fulfilled the behind-the-scene celebrity styling promise that in seasons past it had failed to keep.

Unlike the boring botoxed Beverly Hills bitches and the irrelevant social faux posers of D.C., the most recent season of the Real Housewives of New York City was a total game changer with Bethenny’s engagement, pregnancy, and friendship-ending feud with Jill, the aftermath of LuAnn’s divorce, and the endless entertaining mania provided by Kelly Bensimon

Mad Men somehow managed to improve upon perfection.  Season four was the best so far for the impeccably written, acted, and styled period drama.  The finale left a huge gaping hole in Sundays.

For Worse…

We’re seven episodes into a meandering kidnapping plot on Sons of Anarchy and it pales in comparison to last season’s tightly constructed story anchored by a brilliant Katey Sagal.  Get it together boys.  Though we all appreciated the stunt casting of Stephen King, you only have a few episodes left to salvage this season. Admit it, this once-brilliant show has been circling the drain for awhile.  At this point, it is beyond salvation.  Once the Botwin’s left the construct of suburbia, the show’s concept fell apart.  Where is Elizabeth PerkinsRomany Malco?  This show deserves double demerits for dropping some of its best cast — without explanation — along the way.   Schwartz and Savage are the poster children for squandered opportunity.  First with the O.C., and now with Gossip Girl, the overrated duo begin with a great concept and then proceed to completely mismanage its potential.  The first season of Gossip Girl sizzled; since then, it has gone from lukewarm to completely irrelevant.  At this point, Degrassi has more edge.


We need to discuss Sons of Anarchy so you have time to catch up on the first two seasons before the third season premiere this winter. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I’ve been slow to jump on the SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original Charter) bandwagon mostly because I thought it was for white boys who like motorcycles.  I erred in selling this show short.  Motorcycles function in Sons of Anarchy like football does on Friday Night Lights, mostly in the periphery. Reason number one you should watch Sons of Anarchy, Jax Teller.  Think a Thelma and Louise-era Brad Pitt.  For many of you, this will be reason enough. A second compelling reason to watch, Katey Sagal serves up the best acting of her career.  The work she does with her arch in season two deserves accolades come award season. Need a third?  Henry Rollins drops in as a violent, psycho, white supremacist.