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stupid is as stupid does

CAM00947You won’t even believe the dumbass thing I did.  I made a big ol’ batch of minestrone soup from scratch in my new porcelain soup pot.  I made enough to feed all the elves through the winter.  How much soup can one woman eat?  I dispatched the minestrone into resealable plastic bags to give some away.  When I placed the ziploc bags on the shelves of the freezer, it did occur to me as a fleeting thought that they could freeze in an irregular shape.  I did not think the bags would embed themselves into the shelves during the freezing process.  I was very wrong, so annoyingly wrong.  CAM00946The shelf wouldn’t come out, and the soup was frozen in from all angles.  How the fuck am I going to get out of this one?  I mulled over warming the soup with a hair dryer, boiling water, and shutting the fridge down overnight to thaw the bags.  In the end I used my garment steamer to soften the underside of the frozen soup until I could loosen it free from its frozen encumbrance.  These pictures are from midway through melting process.  Yes, this was a stupid mistake, but I neutralized my stupidity with a clever solution.  Idiot Savant.SO DUMB

The Rachel Zoe Project: Premiere Collection

We met up with Zoe who is 6 months pregnant but barely showing.  She apparently sustained her unborn child on Pellegrino and cranberry juice alone in an effort to maintain her sample size figure through her last trimester.Since we last saw her, Rachel’s expanded and divided her team into four divisions: RZ digital, styling, archive and design, and product development. Mandana’s the new VP of Rachel Zoe, Inc.  Like most of the RZ staff, Mandana’s underqualified for her position, but she aesthetically fulfills a role in Rachel’s editorial vision for the office.  An awkward kiss-ass, she literally lowered down to hug Rachel’s “peanut.”  Don’t ever. There’s always a last minute push at RZ.  Preparations for the launch of her first collection bogged down the office on this particular day.  Zoe invited editors, buyers, and other important fashion folk to view the collection before the rush of fashion week. Since Rachel can’t seem to keep a stylist for more than a year, she and Rodger conducted interviews to fill a nebulous position which basically boiled down to gay sidekick.  Jeremiah came at Mandana’s recommendation and is equally unqualified. It is fair to question the eye of someone who would wear that outfit to an interview at Rachel Zoe.  Although Jeremiah lacked credentials and experience, Rachel predictably adored him and couldn’t wait to add him to the team, despite Rodger’s well-founded hesitation.  During Jeremiah’s second interview, Rachel was wooed by his (not that clever) one-liners and hired him on the spot. In anticipation of his growing family, devoted wife Rodger went house hunting with Zoe’s personal assistant Marisa.  A very slick LA-ish real estate agent showed the two a vacant $20,000 a month, 7,000 square foot behemoth.  Rodger worried about furnishing the massive mansion and asked Marisa not to tell Rachel anything about the unattractive rental.  Later on, Marisa showed Rachel photos of the place and Zoe got a “witch vibe” and obsessed over renting the dated monstrosity.Working a tired Twilight look, Jeremiah showed up for his first day and didn’t even know how to use the steamer.  When Rachel showed up a short while later, she was pleased with the samples of her new collection.  Just as the episode closed, Jordan the fit model (as opposed to Jordan the stylist) arrived to display the line.  Want more RZ Collection coverage? Demeter Clarc included a few different seasons of Rachel Zoe’s offerings earlier this year, use the search feature below to catch up.


Anyone with any fashion industry experience is well-acquainted with the Jiffy J-4000 garment steamer.  Steaming is bitchwork for sure, but the J-4000 makes it almost enjoyable.  Certainly, the steamer kicks the iron’s ass.

Don’t get cheap when buying a steamer.  Steaming with an underpowered steamer is the most frustrating, tedious, and sweltering experience.  You will be tempted to purchase the slightly less expensive J-2000, but you should waste neither time nor money on anything but what the professionals use — the Jiffy J-4000.  Consider yourself warned and informed.
Why steam?  Steaming deodorizes, removes wrinkles, and gently freshens garments.  It is better for the environment than dry cleaning and ultimately far less expensive.  Once you invest it a high quality steamer, you’ll be stymied how you lived so long without one.  One word of advice – wear gloves and long sleeves when you steam.  The steamer head gets super hot and burns like a motherfucker.