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comfort & joy

CAUDALIE DIVINE OILCaudalíe Divine Oil soothes my weather-worn skin and hair.  Smell this mix of luxury oils first before you buy.  Potent and intense, I love the fragrance, but not everyone will.  THIS IS THE END

This is the End.  I know I’m late to the party, but I rarely get to theater.  When a movie makes me laugh out loud while alone in my apartment I know it’s funny.  Campy and self-aware, even though it meandered, I still greatly enjoyed the motion picture This is the End.  I will never look at Michael Cera or Channing Tatum the same way ever again.  MICHAEL CERA


4 gifts under $50, fuck you GOOP

Macallan Scotch.  Tasty.  Not too personal, but still leaves a warm feeling in the gut.  Passes the booze snob test.  Generally speaking, the older the scotch, the pricier the bottle. A homemade apple pie is work intensive and that’s why it is a meaningful gift.  Cookies, eh.  Taking the time to peel apples and kneed dough demonstrates true love and generosity.   Even though the ingredients aren’t expensive, I like that a pie is a substantial baked good gift that can feed a whole family.Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is high in trace minerals and is super pretty too.   You can cook or serve on these Pink Himalayan Sea Salt blocks.  A pink salt block is an original gift for culinary have-it-alls and surprisingly affordable. Ya’ll know I heart some paper, including these Fringe Studio stationery sets.  Find them for half price at the high-end department store outlets.  Cute quality cards please almost any lady (and inclined gent) from 8 to 80 years old. 

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré

Remember my girl Anne-Marie, who is the world’s best gift giver?  Well, she’s done it again.  Freshly returned from washing a man out of her hair in Paris, the generous little dove smuggled home a tube of cult fav Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré just for lil ol’ me.  (Thanks AMP!)

Fuck a duck if it isn’t great.  The French may not do everything well, but they can make a face cream, and Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is a fine example of their mastery of skincare.  A mid-weight, non-greasy moisturizer and primer, Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is mildly active but non-irritating.  It soothes redness and dryness without prompting breakouts. 

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is one of those great multi-use products that makeup artists and die-hard beauty cultists love.  Time-tested and dependable, it is worth the extra effort to find Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré.  There isn’t anything else quite like it.

Demeter Clarc Manners Moment: Registries

I understand the point of a registry: to make sure you don’t end up with a bunch of fug shit you don’t want.  However as a gift-giver, I find the increasing use of registries frustrating.  I’ve been invited to a bridal shower I can’t attend.  The invitation says the couple is registered at a couple of different places.  When I looked over the registry, it is all overpriced housewares items I could find identically for less.  That is another annoyingly limiting quality of a registry – lack of opportunity for bargain shopping.  When I’ve deviated from the registry in the past, the recipients actually stated in the thank you note that they returned the item (lovely robin’s egg blue Nigella Lawson nesting bowls) for something more in line with their color scheme (beige, beige, boring, boring).  Whatever, you wanna live your life in black and white that’s your biznass, but I cannot actively contribute to dull.   Recently, I’ve taken to perennially pleasing cash for wedding gifts.  Who’s mad at cash?  Nobody.  But cash is not an appropriate gift for a bridal shower, so that’s not going to work under the present circumstances.  It is so much more fun to find a memorable and quirky gift.  You can buy your own flatware, but would you ever buy yourself a cuddling bunny sculpture?  Probably not.  To appease everyone involved, I’ll pick up something from the registry and add a little bonus flare of my own. 


I have this fantastic friend who gives the best gifts.  Over the weekend, she brought me this amazing patchouli perfume from France, some Gala Fashion mags, and French Elnett.  Plus, she always smuggles the best snacks.  Her thoughtful and expertly cultivated selections make me feel so happy and loved.  I aspire to give gifts with the same sparkle.  I appreciate you, your talent, and your generosity AMP!  You are a blessing.

write more letters

I want to write more letters in 2012, but unlined paper gives me agita.  I can’t manage to write straight without lines, and the gradual slant ain’t cute.  That’s why I adore this whimsical lined paper from La Papierre.  The variety of themes range from the sweet to the sinister.  If you prefer unlined notes, the shop stocks a well-rounded collection of both types.  In addition to stationery, La Papierre has fun envelopes, postcards, and other interesting and enjoyable printed materials. You can find a lovely selection of reasonably-priced options of La Papierre products on Etsy.

glove love

Don’t expect to see any “spring cleaning” proclamations here.  In the land of Demeter Clarc, cleaning is a daily activity, not just a seasonal one.  One product in particular makes cleaning tolerable and even enjoyable: True Blues.  “The Ultimate Household Gloves” protect hands, grip when wet, and allow for nimble dexterity. Even though they are called “True Blues,” they come in other colors.  Recently, an equally cleaning-obsessed friend gifted me a purple pair and they have been put to good use every day since.  (Merci Blanche)Durable, comfortable, and essential, True Blues complete a cleaning kit.  The far superiority of these gloves over cheaper versions justify the modest investment.

True Blues – for all the nasty shit you don’t want to touch.


Tired of the Tiger?  Ready for the Rabbit?

Rather than boring you with a Western recapitulation of Eastern traditions, check out this adorable bunny matchbox DC reader and crafty pal KB created.  KB has an undeniable talent for seeing the beauty and potential in the seemingly ordinary and mundane.

We all know homemade gifts are where it’s at, and the detailed care taken to create this tiny treat is apparent.

Take inspiration, these decorative matchboxes can serve dual purposes: as a place holder and a fun memento your guests can take home and enjoy.

Special thanks to KB for her daily visits and thoughtful creations, and to all DC readers worldwide, may the Year of the Rabbit be your most prosperous and joyful yet!  Thank you for your support and inspiration through the Tiger times.  新年快乐


Retire the wallet; all you really need is one of these fun enamel cases from Classic Hardware, perfectly sized for your ID and a few cards.  Not only will this holder force you to simplify and lighten your stash, it serves as an interesting conversation piece.  Both men and women often compliment mine.Measuring approximately 4″ x 2″, the sturdy compact slips into even the slimmest clutch or pocket.   The high quality construction tolerates serious abuse and withstands cracking, chipping, and scratches.  Classic Hardware makes a variety of creative and original designs with a choice of smaller and larger dimensions.  All make excellent gifts for stylish friends.