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Demeter Clarc Reader Request: Cora wants to Blog

I got the sweetest email day before yesterday from Demeter Clarc reader Cora.

Dear Demeter Clarc,

I wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog and have been considering blogging myself.  I love your clean, unframed and uncluttered format and wanted to know what web host and site building tools you used.  Any tips and information are greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much and keep the posts coming!


Well Cora, thank you for your kind words and your questions.  I really appreciate your email and the courage it takes to reach out.  I haven’t been in the blog game very long.  Demeter Clarc celebrated her 2nd birthday just this month, so I’m not purporting to be a leading expert or anything.  Without further digression, here are a few things to consider.Cora, before you even get into formatting and hosting decisions, you have to ask yourself a hard question.  Can you create enough content to nourish the site everyday?  A website of this nature requires enormous commitment.  If you want traffic, you must post.  No excuses.Personal taste dictates most formatting decisions.  Despite numerous substantial offers, I’m not interested in selling advertising space.  Demeter Clarc is an exercise of free speech.  I’m against corrupting the site with commercial interests or renting any real estate to bottom feeders.  When I recommend, it is important to me that the readers know that I’m giving an unbiased opinion free from agenda.  I don’t do this for profit, so if you are looking to get rich, you shoulda written to Michael K. who is legitimately earning his living writing his genius (and personally inspiring) Dlisted.Demeter Clarc comes to life through WordPress.  It is relatively user-friendly and there are plenty of advice forums to help answer any specific questions.  Once you get in and start working with the program, pick a theme – basically how your website will visually appear to the readers.  I picked a very simple theme and removed even more of the default gadgetry for the super clean look.  Demeter Clarc exists as a very specific artistic visual and written experience.  That is why she is special and unlike other sites.  Cora, find a way to boldly differentiate your site too.  I look forward to your offerings.  Please promise to keep me posted and thanks again for writing. 

Gigolos: The Cock Cage

This week on Gigolos, Mistress Samantha justified her late-night sex-toy shopping spree by locking Jimmy’s cock in a cage.  During the first encounter, she administered the device and this was their exchange.

“Oh, you’ve got some big balls.”“They come from my Mom’s side.”

Later the guys hung at Brace’s house.  Note that he and Teresa Giudice share the same interior design aesthetic.

“I’m not being weird or anything, but I wanna see that sonofabitch.”

Jimmy revealed his accessory, and this was the Gigolo gang’s reaction to the shocking sight of the cock cage.“A cock cage, alright, now that’s some fucked up white people shit because you’d never catch a brother with a cage around his dick.” “A cock cage kinda feels like an eagle is clutching your junk like it’s a salmon.  You know, it’s just one of the most uncomfortable things ever.”


Time to discuss Gigolos, Showtime’s new series about five male escorts working in Las Vegas.  Nowadays it takes quite a bit to shock, but Gigolos goes all the way with full-frontal nudity, ball smacking doggie style, and even a gang bang.Meet Nick, the tatted-up “bad boy.”  The most interesting thing about Nick is trying to solve the mystery of what he’s covering under that all-encompassing shoulder tattoo.  His school teacher client compared the body art to spilled spaghetti.This is Jimmy serving young Randall Batinkoff.  Remember For Keeps? Bonus point if you do.

Steven wants you to know he’s a Scorpio and devoted father.

Vin is the newest member of the manwhore crew and was allegedly brought in to provide diversity. Over-bronzed Brace is the past-his-prime, bourbon-soaked surfer-type.Analyzing what motivates the women who hire these “professionals” is really more interesting than the discount Don Juans themselves.  A teacher, a zaftig medical assistant, and a dick-hungry divorcee all participate in sex on camera within the first two episodes.Rumor has it since the premiere early this month, the escort service Cowboys 4 Angels is blowing up.  Sorry boys, this particular agency caters exclusively to women.

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