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Fall 2013 RTW: Rodarte

Fall 2012 Couture: Versace

fall 2012 rtw: spotlight LANVIN

Milou Van GroesenDaria StrokousMackenzie DrazanNadja BenderGinta LapinaHairy LegNadja BenderAlana ZimmerQuerelle JansenKate KingKarlie Kloss

iS Clinical Active Serum

In this week’s quest for clearer skin, I bring you iS Clinical Active Serum, a product that – GASP and clutch your anus – actually delivers results. 

iS Clinical Active Serum markets itself as a “multi-purpose formula designed to generate rapid and dramatic improvements in skin quality… diminish the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven pigmentation, smooth texture, and is anti-acneic.”  Apart from making up the word “acneic,” the serum more or less keeps its promises.  Made of extracts of sugar cane (glycolic), bilberry (lactic), willow bark (salicylic) , and mushroom (kojic) with a kick of menthol for tingle, not sure exactly what it is about this serum, but I saw dramatic improvements in skin texture after a few uses.  It reduces inflammation, fades healing spots, and brightens overall.  The cooling effect makes me a little nostalgic for Sea Breeze

If you are looking to give iS Clinical Active Serum a try, shop around.  There is a wide variance in pricing across retailers, and it comes in a few different size bottles.  Do your research and you can find a respectable deal.  This effective serum is well worth the splurge.

SPRING 2012 RTW: shady lady

Christian DiorDaphne at Fendi.Marc by Marc JacobsDC favorite Ginta Lapina at Carolina Herrera.Proenza SchoulerStella McCartneyErdemViktor & RolfRochas

Spring 2012 RTW: Day Dresses

Mirte Maas hearts Anna Sui.Imitation of ChristAymeline Valade doing day-drunk at Dsquared.Suzie Bird is not amused by apples and whimsy at Moschino Cheap & Chic.Alexander McQueenNicholas KVictoria by Victoria Beckham.  Meow.Bibhu MohapatraGorgeous Ginta Lapina werking flames at Prada.Ann DemeulemeesterElie Tahari


Best of Spring 2011: HATS and HEAD PIECES

The Rachel Zoe Project: Period. The End.

While Team Zoe prepared for a shoot for Love magazine, Brad and Jordan kvetched about the tireless devotion Rachel requires.  Apparently, Tayloritis is contagious.The shoot featured a Bardot-inspired Ginta Lapina, a breath of fashion fresh air and one of the baddest bitches on the scene.  Between Ginta Lapina and Jessica Stam (featured last season on the RZP at the V shoot), it is Team Ginta all the way.  For the record editors, we are all nauseous with Stam oversaturation.Brad and Jordan talked shit in the makeshift wardrobe room.  While Rachel lugged furs around the shoot, complaining about her ineffectual staff.After the shoot, it was all about prepping for the Met Ball, perhaps the single most mayjah night for fashion folks.  Typically, designers select a few starlets to wear their gowns and accompany them as part of their entourage.  For some inexplicable reason, Marc Jacobs invited Rachel to join his group.  Rachel also took credit for dressing Demi, Eva, Kate, and Anne.  More likely, designers sent a few choices to each of these actresses, and Zoe may have edited those options and accessorized the final look.At her fitting, Anne thanked Rachel and Brad for influencing her to embrace her inner fashion icon.  I’ll (begrudgingly) give credit where credit is due, and Zoe has been responsible for some of Hathaway’s most memorable moments on the red carpet.Zoe on Hathaway, “She’s like über-intellectual, and I’m über-not.”Later, the time came for Rachel to craft her own look for the Ball.  First, Rachel drowned in a gigantic Marc Jacobs.  After determining the dress failed to flatter her “70′s disco titty,” it was eliminated.  Next Rachel donned a strange, velvet, mustard, drapey, vintage gown that highlighted her bony sternum.Too bad she traded in the sliver geometric clutch for a tan day bag that downgraded the entire look.  While I appreciate Rachel’s yin for unexpected whimsy, this frock was Met Gala unworthy.  At an event of this magnitude, timeless glamour must trump quirk when finalizing a gown choice.  Admit it; this aberration treads uncomfortably close to shmatta territory.

Back in L.A., Rodger decided to attend Rachel’s lady doc appointment to discuss the possibility of having a child.  The very awkward and staged appointment ended with Rachel and Rodger fighting over Rachel getting a blood test that day.  Rachel refused, Rodger insisted, and the gyno nodded uncomfortably.Back at home, Rachel and Rodger continued to go round and round.  Rodger emphasized that biologically, time keeps ticking.  Career-obsessed Rachel informed him that nothing, including a baby, would curtail her megalomaniacal styling ambitions.Acknowledging that a refusal to spawn will cause “major marital problems,” Rachel swallowed her reproductive ambivalence and concluded, “We are meant to be parents and I wanna do it, not totally sure how yet, but we’re gonna be. Period. The end.”

Raven-haired Renaissance

2010, the year of the chocolate tressed chicas.  Deep, dusky brunette never looked more refreshing.  This is no time for middle of the road ladies: go dark or go home.

Tara Gill

Nastasia Ohl

Shu Pei Qin

Bruna Tenorio

Blondes, you too can shine.  This season ice baby blonde shades give good glow.

Ginta Lapina

Natasha Poly