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minoxidil: i think it’s working

LADY HAIR LOSSSo I told you awhile back that I was experimenting with minoxidil to see if I could coax some regrowth from the front of my hair which I’m convinced is thinning (due to a hormone imbalance I suspect, I’m looking into it).  My preliminary research suggested that twice daily long term commitment was required, so I wasn’t expecting sudden results.  Furthermore, according to the instructions and warnings I’m doing everything wrong.  For one, I’m using the 5% intended for men.  It states quite clearly that the product is not intended for regrowth in the front or to combat receding.  I personally think this is bullshit because if it grows hair in one place it will grow hair elsewhere; some dudes are even using minoxodil to fill out their patchy-ass hipster beards.  Of six bottles of foam, I’ve exhausted one.  I’ve been devoted even though the twice daily application can get really annoying.  I do believe it is paying off.  The results are subtle, but I’m convinced the front is filling in thicker.  Call it the placebo effect or self-delusion, but I’m sticking with the program to see what comes of it.  minoxidil


NAOMI CAMPBELL RECEDINGI’m trying a radical approach to see if it will work – minoxidil.  I don’t suffer from female pattern baldness, but my hair isn’t as full as it used to be.  Based on preliminary research, I suspect that minoxidil will trigger growth and lengthen the growth phase.  Against label advice, I am using the full 5% strength intended for men.  So far I haven’t noticed beard growth or anything, but I’ve only been using it three days.  Gotta use it every single day x 2 to make the magic happen, and apparently it takes time (90 days) to see results.  I bought the foam from Costco.  Barring any intolerable side-effects, I plan to use the full contents of the package and then reassess.  This experiment is a long-term commitment.  The product must make contact with the scalp to work effectively.  Minoxidil is a vasodilator, so it kinda fucks you up for a few minutes, but the feeling quickly passes.  KIRKLAND MINOXIDIL FOAM

Living Proof

JEN AND CHRIS LIVING PROOFDammit.  I already love Living Proof Prime Style Extender, and now I’m hooked on Living Proof Full shampoo and conditioner.  Do you think I want to love anything associated with Jennifer fucking Aniston?  I assure you I do not, but I cannot deny the otherworldly effects of these products.  I prefer wash and wear hair for my daily situation.  My hair goes up into a messy spinpin bun and down again several times a day.  Living Proof improves the texture, volume, and style of my air-dried hair.  Living Proof Full shampoo + conditioner + style extender + air dry = hair looks almost as good as if I finished with heat.  If I actually take the time to blow my hair out with Living Proof the results are major; add hot rollers = bombshell major.  I started this paragraph with the word dammit because Living Proof is pricey, and now I’m addicted.  I console myself knowing with Living Proof I can go a day between washings and still maintain bouncy bedhead.  LP makes my haircut look more expensive.  If Living Proof had nuts, I’d be swinging from them.  LIVING PROOF FULL

Living Proof Prime Style Extender

JENNIFER ANISTON LIVING PROOFI’ve been curious about Living Proof, the hair care company co-owned by Jennifer Aniston, a couple of MIT professors, and some venture capitalists.   The money guys got together with the scientists and recruited celebrity shine to push their new technology.  Sounds like a good recipe, right?  Well, since the line launched, I haven’t heard much one way or the other, so I decided to pick up a sample of the Living Proof Style Extender at Sephora the other day.  Let’s see if those MIT smarties really know anything about molecular engineering.

LIVING PROOF PRIME STYLE EXTENDERLiving Proof bases its claims of superiority on 2 patented molecules: OFPMA – which acts a shield, and PBAE – which creates volume through friction.  OFPMALiving Proof Prime Style Extender relies on OFPMA as its main ingredient and claims to extend style 2x longer.  So I put that bitch to the test last night.  In some ways I am follicularly blessed, but style retention is not my locks’ most enviable quality.  Curls, volume, lift, all dissipate rather quickly in most environments unless I go hard with the reliable, impermeable shellac of ElnettPRIME STYLE EXTENDER

After the usual cleanse and condition routine, I massaged a generous dollop of Living Proof Prime Style Extender through my hair.  The product is serum-like in consistency with definite glide.  It smells strongly citrusy, but not unpleasantly so.  I blow dried and noticed the product added marginal volume.  I then curled, let cool, and brushed out for a sort of Charlene-Tilton-Dallas-Era ‘do.  Most importantly, I skipped the Elnett to see what the Style Extender was capable of on its own.  CHARLENE TILTONOn the way to the festivities, I received a kind round of compliments on my hair.  I told the gang about my experiment and they agreed to look out for style droopage.  LIVING PROOF JEN ANISTONI confess the curl held up, albeit under rather untaxing circumstances – dinner + drinks for a party of 10 indoors.  My hair looks as good in the photos during the first margarita as it did during the sopapilla, so I guess there’s something to be said for that MIT education.  LIVING PROOF SCIENCEAfter a night of sleeping, my curl crashed, but I do have a voluminous-freshly-fucked bedhead situation going.  In the interest of research, I plugged my curling iron back in to see if I could quickly revive last night’s glory.  Indeed, the curl returned promptly and with bounce – all this without stinky, stiff hairspray.  LIVING PROOF PRINTThe science behind Living Proof clearly has merit.  Living Proof Prime Style Extender has a specific mission with a targeted consumer.  Any number of products can retain style for a day.  Use this when you want to go a few days between shampoos and need to easily revive your style without continuously weighing hair down with additional products.  Ladies who prefer a soft-hold style will particularly enjoy the benefits of Living Proof Prime Style Extender.LP EXTENDER


Fall 2012 Couture: beads, buns, and butterflies

Couture cotton balls at Chanel. Limp dick beaded buns at Armani Privé.Tucked tidy as Blanche’s balls with a hairnet at Valentino.Who’s bold enough to work a veil outside of the altar?Buns served on a bed of fishnet bondage bank robberess at Jean Paul Gaultier.Super upscale lesbian chic at Chanel.A good distraction for a challenging face day by Giambattista Valli.Say bye with butterflies from the back.

Give Good Hair: L’Oreal EverCreme

I’ve been working my way through the L’Oreal EverCrème product line and have yet to be disappointed.  I’ve tried the Nourishing Shampoo, the Intense Nourishing Conditioner, and my favorite – the Nourishing Leave-In SprayI’m not big on heavily fragranced products, but I frequently receive smell-good compliments when I use this effective detangler.    Overall, EverCrème has proved a highly enjoyable return for little investment.  Worth a try. 

Honoring Vidal Sassoon: master of precision


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