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straw into gold

GONE GIRLI spent nearly a decade in an unfulfilling relationship I knew two weeks in had no real meaningful future.  I can give you justifications and excuses for not leaving – my parents died; I got laid off; I enjoyed the financial security of the union.  That’s all just weak bullshit though.  My therapist likes to say that the universe doesn’t belabor situations, we do.  He’s right.  GOODBYE CHALKRecently, I’ve been kicking it with an extremely attractive man.  He possesses exceptional qualities.  He showed me upfront that he’s a man of principle.  Unfortunately, we are both too damaged to ever make it work.  A decade ago, I would have clung to our magic for dear life, hoping to stoke the flames of compatibility and extinguish the discord.  Now, I know better.  Even though it was hard to let such a pretty thing go, I said goodbye.  I should have said goodbye a month ago when I knew for sure that we couldn’t truly partner, so I guess I still have something to learn with regard to belaboring situations.  That said, progress is progress, and I am proud that instead of squandering a decade, I cut my losses after two months before deeply entangling my heart. AARONI’m just not going to do it, try so hard to make it work.  Rumpelstiltskin was always one of my favorite children’s stories, but I would rather go solo than waste anymore time spinning straw into gold.  STRAW TO GOLD

Demeter Clarc Manners Moment: do we have to pretend to keep in touch?

Today culminates and concludes the intensive program I participated in every single one of the last 26 days.  No it wasn’t a fat farm, and it wasn’t rehab you bitches.Just under 40 people from all around the world participated.  Over the last few days, people have been frantically collecting numbers, email addresses, and making big promises to meet up soon.  Can folks just admit this over-emotional, hyper-attachment is mostly a big bag of bullshit?  It’s like summer camp: a short, intense bonding experience.  Honestly, how many people do you still speak to from summer camp?Of the forty or so people I was forced to spend the last 26 days straight with, there are approximately 4 I’m interested in keeping up with in the future.  I will make sure those people know how to contact me and I them.  I prefer to keep a tight circle and put energy into people that don’t make me want to burst into flames.  Anymore, pretenses to the contrary wear me out.Enough with the Facebook.  I have never had a Facebook page and I will never have a Facebook page.  Facebook encourages some fake fuckery, as if you can collect friends like trading cards.  As long time readers know, I value privacy over accessibility.  I realize I’m in the extreme minority on this point, and I promise I understand and still ♥ you even if your are a FB fanatic.I know goodbyes are difficult, but I refuse to undignify myself by lubricating the farewells with a bunch of false promises.