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Royal Wedding Ennui

I realize this may be a minority position, but anybody else find the whole union oddly depressing?  Anachronistic, conformist, transactional, and remarkably beige, it was like watching the death of freedom.  While the mainstream loved her gown, it was at best unoffensive and at worst a boring Grace Kelly knock-off.  The dress did not particularly embody the McQueen aesthetic, but credit to Burton and her team for  achieving a flawless fit.  Even though the press made a big deal over Kate’s choice to do her own makeup, can we agree the brows were a little too dark, her under-eye area needed attention, and the blush was a little muddy?  While the nuptials weren’t a style disaster, there were certainly imperfections swept over in the universal hyperbolic praise.  Maybe it is this Teflon-quality that makes Mizz Middleton absolutely perfect for her new job?