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Five More Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Rachel ZoeRachel Zoe Shops For Toys In Beverly Hills

Bell Bottoms + sky-high platforms + every accessory you own at once + Starbucks + a lobotomy


Gwyneth Paltrow

GWYNETH PALTROWYour most expensive white dress + a flat iron + an air of superiority. GWYNETH BOOK SIGNINGLeo DiCaprio

Cargo shorts + smugness + electronic cigarette + twenty extra pounds + Victoria’s Secret catalog + hangers-on

Leonardo Di Caprio joing sonny day Miami Pictured: leonardo de caprio Ref: SPL484557  220113   Picture by: Splash News Splash News and Pictures Los Angeles:	310-821-2666 New York:	212-619-2666 London:	870-934-2666 photodesk@splashnews.com

Simon Cowell


A deep V + alert nipples + self-tanner + a complete lack of moral compassSIMON COWELL



 Red and white striped hat + striped shirt + jeans + glasses

Demeter Clarc Manners Moment: acceptable invitations

HALLOWEEN PARTY INVITESI’m co-hosting a Halloween party this year and I’ve begun to disseminate invites.  Some people I encourage in person, a few I email, some I text, but regardless of how I contact them I can clearly picture the bitchface each of them makes when they learn a costume is required.  And I’ve got a bitchface for them in return.  Once a God Damn year, that’s it, just suck it up and wear a costume.  Flex your atrophied creativity muscles and dig deep into the reaches of your overstuffed closet.  Don’t tell me there isn’t something you can throw together to wear.  I resent inviting people to shit and they act like it is such a chore.  Lately, my generous invitations have been returned with an ungrateful side order of “here’s how you can accommodate me” from the guest.  Come or don’t, but don’t act like this party is a celebration of you.  An invitation should be received with a “thank you for inviting me, I look forward to it” or “thank you for inviting me, I have a conflict.”  No further extrapolation needed.  And don’t forget our Leah Love wants an RSVP bitches!HALLOWEEN MAKE UP

strong start

FALL UNIFORMToday starts a new week, and within it we welcome October, one of the best months of the year.  I love crisp October because the sun still shines, but the weather warrants an extra layer.  Is there anything better than autumnal attire?  To that end, go to your closet, rotate the summery non-transitional garb to the back and pull forth all those glorious sweaters, moto jackets, and skinny jeans.  Break out your boots girl.  Assemble 5 killer ensembles to don this week.  Find a fresh way to rework what you already love before you get caught in a buying frenzy.  Donate what you won’t wear this winter or ever again.MOTHER LOOKER

If you are feeling Sunday sluggish, set the kitchen timer for an amount of time you can stomach and organize your living space.  Sort the mail, pay the bills, dump the recycling, clean out the fridge.  Take care of the chore that subconsciously nags you to distraction.BELLE RINGER

Start thinking of your Halloween costume because we’re having a party.


Contemplate darker hair.

KK BLONDEAfter completing all of our preparations for the week, we can sit down in good conscience and enjoy the Homeland season 3 premiere without any looming Monday morning anxiety.  Mini-spoiler: I heard Brody doesn’t even appear in the first two episodes.  HOMELAND SEASON 3

p.s. Did Claire get a peel or is this just airbrushing?  She looks very dewy.

happy halloween harlots

October 2012 Horoscopes


Happy Birthday dear Libra!  How we love your pretty face and even temper.  You add grace and elegance to the scene and are usually a welcome addition to any gathering.  Not one for upfront drama, Libras prefer to navigate behind backs.  Libras can be gossipy, but typically aren’t cutting and mean.  You aren’t great about keeping your word and should work on strengthening your reliability muscles.  October brings much in the way of blessings to lucky Libra.  Professionally, some Libras are on the hunt.  A little innocent flirting may just land the job.  The employed Libra begins to feel comfortable which leads to more contribution on your part.  Your ideas land and are appreciated.  Don your best apparel for festivities, some of which will be celebrating well-liked Libras.  Take care in accessorizing.  Key pieces end up useful conversation starters.


Scorpio enjoys October: the crisp air, the leaves, the end of the year, saying goodbye.  Scorpio can get nostalgic and stuck in unhealthy patterns.  Use the last three months of the year to permanently change what you have been putting off all year.  Most Scorpios are addicted to something.  Gain control over indulgence.  Focus on more productive activities like tidying up your home before winter.  Start putting together your costume ideas early because the Halloween party invitations begin to arrive in the next couple weeks.  Take the month to get your body together and then kill all them bitches with your major look at the party.


All that hustle of previous months finally pays off in October when Sags find their calendar crammed with commitments.  Going from one extreme to another creates much stress.  How will you deal with the added pressure?  When your anxiety takes hold you can be really difficult to cope with, so do everyone a favor and plan your life with some cushion.  Don’t overextend.  Prioritize around convenience.  Think about others too, as Sags can be notoriously narcissistic and shallow.  Enjoy a few sweet treats, but don’t overdo the candy intake towards the end of the month.  Eat simply, seasonally, and locally to feel your best and avoid the fall colds going around.


Capricorn experiences a crisis of conscience in October that results in manic and unpredictable behavior.  Poor impulse control and a mean self-destructive streak lure you into risky behavior like DUIs, random sex, and gambling.  If you hitch a ride on this downward spiral expect to spend the rest of the year cleaning up a hell of a mess.  Those Caps wise enough to head off erratic actions will demonstrate a new level of self-mastery.  What about love Capricorn?  Will it ever be time for love?  A person can’t live on work, friends, and family forever.  Consider what you want in a relationship and pursue a suitable mate as you would any one of your other life aspirations.


Broad thinking Aquarius always has an answer for everything.  Smart, practical, and playing the long game, more impulsive signs envy the cool detachment Aquarius displays.  Spend some time strengthening key relationships in October.  Rather than spreading your energy thin, focus on a few important people and flood them with attention.  Parties pop up at the end of the month which gives you a good excuse to try on a new identity for the night.  Wear a mask and maintain a mysterious air.  Listen.  You’ll be surprised what you overhear when your identity is unknown.  The information will be valuable.


Riding a merry-go-round of good feelings over the past several weeks, Pisces find that all the loose ends left undone lately cause chaos in October.  Pisces scramble to catch up and for the most part succeed.  The hustle has left you a little resentful though. Those little rituals you love, remember they are important too for keeping Pisces grounded.  However, a new routine for a new season will benefit Pisces.  Make fitness a priority.  Take time alone.  Eat as clean and simply as possible now as there will be a lot of obligation eating later in the season.  Definitely dance often, big, and crazy.


Vibrant Aries light up a room with vivacious energy, but often feel like subtle nuances of their personality get overlooked.  Don’t worry, we notice the details Aries and one of the most important details about you is that you’re a fantastic friend.  For the most part you make an excellent partner, except when you get self-righteous about not feeling appreciated, and then your eye begins to wander.  Aries tend to require a lot of external validation, but I’m sure you’ve evolved past needing the approval of others.  The more important question is whether you approve of yourself right now?


October serves up a new round of frustration with your central relationship Taurus.  While your mate means well and really tries, you just aren’t sure of whether this person can fully deliver on all your needs – which by the way are significant.  Taurus definitely perceives herself as low-maintenance, when in fact Bulls can be one of the most difficult signs to deal with and satisfy.  High standards are great, but realistically accept how demanding you truly are.  A fierce and loyal lover, Bulls make their companions feel safe and protected…until they start nit-picking and tearing their paramour apart.  Learn the difference between kindness and weakness.  Not every warm gesture has to sacrifice your pride.


Gemini suffer under the weight of tremendous responsibility, both professionally and personally in October.  Most of this burden is self-imposed, but that won’t stop you from complaining about it.  Your work ethic is impressive, and it explains why most of the Twins have hung on to their jobs during recent economic challenges.  Those of you prowling for employment have an edge over most, and that edge is your big-ass brain.  Even though you are super smart, Gemini acts spacey and often isn’t present in the moment.  Give folks the honor of your full attention.  Concentrate, listen, and see how your connections benefit and grow as a result.


Cancers have worked hard over the last several months to get their shit together and for the foreseeable future things look relatively stable.  Good for you!  Now what are you going to do to fuck it up?  I’m only half-kidding as you are a famous self-saboteur.  Focus on executing your responsibilities thoroughly, completely, and with a high degree of quality.  Cancers get dreamy and distracted when work becomes demanding.  You can get away with a little fantasizing, but keep at least one toe grounded in reality or find yourself embarrassed and confused when you are caught sniffing the roses on the clock.


Big proud Leo gathers new friends and acquaintances together in October for fun fall socializing.  Your warm demeanor entices other to join you in merriment this month and as a result lasting connections are made.  Pat yourself on the back for uniting folks Leo.  Building community isn’t easy.  You contribute significantly to the happiness of those lucky enough to share your company.  Platonic demands distract you from romance, but you will enjoy a cute flirtation.  So often a zingy flirt can be as satisfying as a good fuck.  Sneak in rest in October’s calmer moments Leo, so you’ll look your best when it really counts.


Ready for a slower pace in October Virgo?  You are worn out and need to recoup from a long run of demands on your time and energy.  October will force you to slow down one way or another.  May I gently suggest you go voluntarily rather than kicking and screaming?  This month devote your energy to a few key events.  Delegate daily tasks to eager beavers looking for more responsibility.  This will free up your time to concentrate on more important matters.  Virgo, make breathing room in your life for what you really want so it can flourish and grow.  Take a walk in the leaves.

A Week away is Halloween Day

Halloween is just a week away, so it is officially time to start panicking over a costume.  Beware of these common dress-up blunders to avoid humiliation, mockery, and generally making an ass of yourself this year.

Don’t go too slutty.  Did we learn anything from Kelly Taylor’s turn as a slutty witch on that classic Halloween episode of BH 90210?  Don’t be a desperate shivering bitch tromping around in next-to-nothing.  Halloween is not an excuse to act out your deepest exhibitionist fantasy in public.  Go with a clever rather than cooter-revealing costume to elicit legit attention.  On this same tip, dressing up as Snooki is so 3 years ago and totally forbidden.Don’t overly complicate.  Returning to BH 90210, (where all of life’s most essential lessons are learned), don’t pull a Donna Martin mermaid moment and wear some get-up that restricts basic mobility.  Everyone will snicker behind your back and it smacks of over-effort. On the other end of the spectrum, Don’t go too cutesy.  The most successful costumes frighten, disguise, imitate, or evoke humor.  If you wanna go pretty-pretty princess, throw on an old prom dress, pour fake blood over your head, and go as Carrie

5 for Friday: Costume Ideas

Marie AntoinetteGnomeHello KittyJane GoodallPac Man

31 Days of Halloween~Day 31~Wicked Witch of the East

31 Days of Halloween~Day 30~Betty Boop and Flapper