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Happy Birthday Sagittarius!  A mutable sign associated with fire and Jupiter, you are easy-going and popular. Usually extroverted, Sags suffer compromised communication in December.  Overreacting to the frustration has you feeling misunderstood, impotent, and lost.  Rather than acting out against yourself or others, find a nonverbal means of expression.  Play music, create art, dance, get primal, and take a break from your over-articulated life.  Now is a perfect time for a mountain retreat.  Take to the hills.


Caps must get disciplined about spending to hang on to that nest egg.  Take care to monitor income and expenses.  Set a quarter of your earnings aside for conservative investing.  Keep some cash in fire-proof hideaway stashes at home.  Caps move at a snail’s pace when it comes to romance.  Recent limp overtures aren’t going to cut it.  Nut up and go big or don’t bother.  A quality companion won’t respond to half-assed attempts at woo.  Decide who and what you want and then relentlessly pursue your desire.  No one will be able to refuse you.


Have you gotten a little antiquated with your style, swagger, and outlook?  Shake up the presentation in December and create a new conversation.  Rethink attitudes about money and potential avenues for earning.  December brings fresh energy in the areas of home, work, and friends.  Expect changes, friction, and possible fall-out, but also a new tone for the new year.


Congratulations Pisces for defining yourself by your true gifts.  When you know your worth, you know your power.  This is an important, strong and decisive phase for Pisces.  The future shows significant promise.  Don’t get bogged down with minutia and petty tasks.  Indulge in writing, communicating, and reordering.  Always a devoted friend, baked goods are always appreciated.


December is a major month for Aries with planetary play between Venus, Mars, and Jupiter.  An active social calendar presents many opportunities to meet a potential new paramour.  Don’t blow nascent relationship potential with attention-seeking theatrics.  An adventurous and courageous spirit leads you through uncharted waters this December.  You have always been an aggressive risk taker.  This month that spirit may just pay off financially.


Spendy December makes Taurus anxious, but it is in your nature to plan ahead and prepare for extremes.  Try not to fixate on finances, but enjoy the celebration of the season and take the necessary costs in stride.  Make a list of items you actually want this year rather than pretending as if any old thing will do.  You like the finest, so don’t be too bashful to ask for it.  Follow through on your plans for giving.  The generosity will come back around to shine on you.


Since folks respect your opinion, select your words carefully and speak without exaggeration.  Geminis are at their best when you synthesize your self-expression with your actions.  If you say it, mean it.  If you mean it, do it.  Don’t impose your opinions, moods, or ill-energy on others.  Learn to control yourself and reset when things begin to spiral.  In most circumstances you give good counsel, so contemplate your own motivations and proceed accordingly.


The Crabs professional circle accelerates success and prestige at work this month.  Maintain a cooperative attitude and enjoy a shower of admiration, praise and prestige.  Scramble your way to the top on the heads and hearts of others and you might receive hollow success, but not true respect or recognition from your peers.  To tap into your true creative talent, activate your heart.


This December Leos get wooed by higher-ups for professional advancement.  Usually comfortable in the spotlight, even you can admit some of this attention might be exaggerated.  Skirt the temptation to take undeserved credited.  Look your best.  Act humble and kind.  Don’t let your ego make decisions.


Over the past several months, the Virgo trajectory has bent towards cultivating leadership.  Rather than trying to aggressively over-assert yourself, carve out a clear identity from which your personal power can emerge.  Since we are judged from the outside in, now is the time to take a deep look at yourself, beginning with your appearance.  A facial, a pedicure, a haircut; throw some resources at updating and refining your grooming.  After a good polish, look inward and ask whether you are emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.  Move towards a more well-rounded life.


Enough is enough with the dithering Libras.  December is the month to pursue future goals.  Consider your professional contacts and foster, expand, eliminate, and start anew if needed.  Libras work well on a team, and this isn’t the time to pursue independent professional projects.  Love it up with your special someone this winter.  Find a sweater and settle in for cocoa and a cuddle.


Scorpios waste energy on distant dreams and desires.  All this yearning and longing is unattractive to others who see you as always fixated on a never-arriving future.  Rather than worry about the far off, get pragmatic and go home and clean your house.  Scorpios function best when they minimize complication and clutter.  2011 has been a core-shaking year and what once seemed like cement has now crumbled away like sand.  Find a contemplative activity.