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Fall 2013 RTW: Holmes & Yang

Why does Katie Holmes persist with the fashion farce that is Holmes & Yang?  The clothes are consistently both heinous and completely forgettable.  I really want to know who (if anyone) is buying these garments.  Look at these sleeves!  This get-up ain’t even tailored correctly.  If you are going to be sloppy and lazy, why bother? Don’t even attempt to find a unifying theme or guiding idea because it isn’t there.  Every collection the duo has produced lacks cohesion and feels extra random and disconnected.  This looks like the ugly cousin of the hideous tartan plaid Christmas outfit my Mom made me wear when I was four.  She had one to match and even in pre-K I knew that shit was an unequivocal “don’t.” 

I know you are placing your pre-order now.

Don’t forget the gowns.  Please explain why this dress (above) is too short, but the sleeves are mysteriously too long?

Spring 2013 RTW ~ Holmes & Yang ~ Dawson’s Peaked

I’ll say what others won’t.  It really was that bad.  Katie Holmes makes Victoria Beckham look like Galliano.