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Frankel Fatigue

Anyone else feeling mayjah Frankel fatigue?  The second season of her reality show, Bethenny Ever After, hasn’t even begun to air.  Place of Yes: 10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life, Frankel’s life advice manifesto, doesn’t come out until March.  Her new skincare line, Honest, ain’t yet available, but already I wish B Frank would be gone.  Pimping on the family platform, Bethenny’s added a number of new endorsement deals to her already crowded stable, including Pampers and British Airways.  Do yoga with Bethenny’s workout DVD.  If that doesn’t work, rumor has it she has a lingerie and shapewear collection coming soon.  Recover from a Skinnygirl hangover with a Skinnygirl cleanse.  Wow, who knew our little Bethenny was an authority on virtually everything?After starting out a Bethenny fan, a meaningful amount of self-reflection was required before I could pinpoint the source of my welling disgust.  So here it is.  We used to be able to rely on Bethenny to call people on their fake bullshit, and now Bethenny personifies that fake bullshit.  Jumping at the opportunity to shill for corporations and leveraging her nascent family to broaden her endorsement appeal demolished her fragile credibility.  Is any aspect of her life uncommodified?  If Frankel will say anything for a buck, then how are fans to decipher between bought Bethenny and earnest Bethenny?  Is it naive to believe there was ever a sincere Bethenny?With Frankel’s assortment of products, a girl can all but transform herself into Bethenny, but is she the kind of skinny bitch any girl really wants to be?