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fuck yeah fraggle faux fur

MISS SELFRIDGE FAUX FUR ROSEI’m over the moto.  I’m not some fracket wearing basic bitch either.  Freezing is not chic.  I won’t shiver with indignity on festive winter evenings.  I conceive cold-weather outfits as a visually complete thought including outerwear. CHUNKY FAUX FURBoth oversize and texture remain strong outerwear trends through Pre-Fall 2015, so an investment in a big, chunky, statement-making fake fur would not be a hasty or ill-advised decision.  PRINTED FAUX FUROn snowy days, add a top layer of faux fur for an interesting pop of color and dimension.  TRI COLOR FAUX FURDifferentiate yourself from the leather-clad masses with a colorful conversation-starting puff of acrylic.  Yes, dudes might accuse you of skinning a Muppet, but I said fake fur was a conversation starter, I didn’t say what kind of conversation. RIHANNAMISS SELFRIDGE FAUX FUR BLACK TANWhen contemplating a faux fur purchase, avoid cheap imitations attempting to fool for real fur.  We don’t like try-hard fakes.  Embrace the alien when it comes to faux fur.  Your fur shouldn’t look like it came from any living thing on Earth.  Think more Fraggle Rock than Arctic Fox.  FAUX FUR OMBRE SHOULDERWH BL OMBREDon’t be afraid to offer your faux fur in unexpected and visually challenging ways.  Throw it over a print, layer, treat it like a neutral.  Matching is for cowards. BLUE FAUX FUR

Fall 2013 RTW: Ann Demeulemeester

Menswear Fall 2013: Ann Demeulemeester

Menswear Fall 2013: Dsquared²

details, details, Alexander Wang Resort 2013

Resort 2013: Erdem

Resort 2013: DKNY

on the road

Many of you know I’m in the midst of an epic road trip.  Twelve days and over 1,300 miles by air, road, and sea.  5 days into the journey, I’ve come to rely on a few unexpected items.  Here are things that have helped me survive, navigate, and stay connected while away.  Laptop, Kindle, cell, I need a least three outlets.  Since I don’t want to unplug every lamp, alarm clock, and TV in every room I stay in, a power strip is key.  Slip one in your bag; you’ll use it everyday.  Many cell phone companies fuck us over by preventing us from roaming on foreign networks.  They don’t want to pay a premium to other service providers to allow their own subscribers network access.  Enter Google Voice.  When you port a number to Google Voice you can hear voice mails, send texts, and make calls even if you can’t connect to a cellular network.  I’m not going to get into all the technically amazing shit you can do with Google Voice, but I highly recommend you look into this rad, FREE service.  On a similar tip, when the GPS isn’t working because you are in the middle of BFE, make sure your ass has an actual map, and ensure the map is current.  We’ve become too reliant on technology.  Learn to find your way around without it.  The most interesting places on this planet do not have cell towers. My wardrobe travel essential this trip has been my hooded army green drawstring-waist jacket.  It has sheltered me from the rain, kept me warm, but not hot, and has plenty of pockets for items I want to keep close.  A loosely structured jacket pulls together an outfit while also maintaining a feminine silhouette.   Bring every kind of wipe you can fit in your bag: anti-bacterial, flushable, baby, whatever.  Wipe the remote and any other surfaces to protect you from the skeeve.  If you watch Hotel Impossible, you already know why.  Mitigate the funk.

Pre-Fall 2012: coats + jackets

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