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January 2013 Horoscopes


Happy Birthday Capricorn!  After reveling in the soft fragrances of home and the nostalgia of bygone days, it’s time to get back to what you do best – work.  Even though Capricorn is prone to procrastination due to perfectionist tendencies, above all you favor efficient execution.  Properly completing tasks becomes your dull passion the first part of the year.  Passionate for you, dull for everybody else.  Where is the fun for you Capricorn?  Can you balance your thirst for accomplishment against the need for leisure and contemplation?  Because when you relax the most officious part of your personality, you are a real crowd pleaser.  For the New Year ditch all the dreadful unworn garments in your closet and craft a fresh look from the winter sales.  Trust, a physical transformation will have unpredictable positive ripple effects.


Hey Aquarius, you’ve made some rookie mistakes in the romance department lately.  It is fun to fall head over heals and totally submerge in another person, but that fragile nascent butterfly feeling doesn’t last long, so don’t go squandering it all in a greedy weekend.  Professionally, things quiet over the next six weeks, which gives you plenty of time to stew in your personal life which in some ways you perceive as a failure.  Waste no time in self-flagellation.  Focus that powerful Aquarian energy on more productive pursuits.  Consider a last minute trip to shift your perspective.  You might be surprised who you meet on the journey.


Pisces negotiated a demanding December with style and has a well-deserved run of steady professional recognition and personal growth to show for it.  You’ve managed to swim along with the current of luck, but that’s about to change in the first few months of the New Year.  First and foremost, spend extra time and energy caring for yourself by sleeping.  Next, for a couple months cut back on extraneous activities involving crowds.  You will have to say no to some things and should not feel guilty for doing so.  Finally, keep your space extra clean.  Heed this warning; if you catch the flu it will take your ass down like a bitchy girl at Midtown and you won’t feel right until winter’s end.  Pisces can’t afford a sick day right now.


Aries pop off loud and quick and then it’s over, but for others left in the wake of your simmering temper the experience can make a more lasting impression.  There is nothing wrong with expressing dissatisfaction, but soften the delivery.  If it isn’t major, suck it up.  The New Year presents opportunity for character-building, which is really just a euphemistic way of saying that trouble’s coming.  What you make of that trouble will define your direction for 2013.  What you lack in self-control you make up for in style.  Aries possess a certain undeniable flare that sets off jealousy in an adversary.  When you feel the withering stare of criticism challenge it by shining brighter.


Your theme song this month is What Have You Done For Me Lately by Janet, Miss Jackson if you’re nasty.  Unlike most folks, you strive to treat people well, to honor your commitments, and to live with integrity.  When others don’t meet you where you are, you get disappointed.  Lower your expectations and insulate yourself from disappointment by protecting your interests.  Not everyone is worthy of your full attention.  With the New Year comes an itch to get organized.  Some Bulls begin 2013 with a fresh set of responsibilities.  Creating order will make the added burdens feels less heavy.


Happy New Year Gemini!  2013 has much in store for you.  Are you ready?  Travel, adventure, fun and romance await; get all your mundane responsibilities in order so you can really enjoy the unexpected experiences coming your way.  Very generous with time and resources, Gemini at times feels put out and overstretched.  Remember you don’t have to do everything for everybody all the time.  Watch your back; there is a schemer trying to get at what you hold most dear.  Gemini loves a free lunch – too bad you still haven’t figured out there is no such thing.  Protect your identity and financial information.  If an offer seems too good to be true, it is.


Cancer has experienced a series of extreme up and downs lately.  One day it’s promotions and pay raises and the next you are moving your stuff out of the Extended Stay America. You’ve done well navigating the peaks and valleys by smartly chugging away in low gear.  Circumstances beyond your control have made it difficult to plan your life past a three month time frame, but it is still important to set an intention for the upcoming year.  This focal point will provide a guide for charting the very confusing course ahead.  Cut down on eating comforting but nutritionally devoid crap.


Even though you are very charming and likable Leo, it won’t excuse bad manners or inconsiderate behavior.  Some times it isn’t about you, so suck it up and take one for the team.  Even under meager circumstances, you bring a certain charisma that adds sparkle to the dull.  Work demands increase in the coming weeks.  Careful not to get unnecessarily run down trying to impress your superiors; they are caught up in their own dramas and won’t notice.  Keep your head down and reserve your energy for when it really counts.  Plan a romantic gesture for someone deserving.  Use that Leo creativity and make an extra special effort.  The gesture will pay triple dividends.


You’ve undergone a fragile period lately little dove and the first three months of the year should provide some relief from the uncertainty.  At times your programmed responses come off as dismissive defense mechanisms.  What truth are you shielding by hitting auto-pilot?  Over the past several months Virgos have taken personal responsibility for their health and fitness.  The commitment has paid off with better sleep, improved fitness, and a stronger body.  Well done!  Achieving meaningful results in a world full of quitters is a major accomplishment indeed.  Eat wholly, healthfully, and simply to see even greater improvement.


Sloppy housekeeping has left you embarrassed more than once in the last few months Libra.  Time to clean up the mess.  Start in one corner and make your way all the way around tossing trash, dusting, sweeping, and moping the floors.  Delete old contacts and head into the New Year with only the essential circle.  Libra should watch becoming overly involved in his or her significant other as you are ripe for codependency.  Keep a full life and separate friendships.  Not every activity has to be a couple moment.  Forcing the chemistry gets tiring for all involved.


Scorpio likes to surprise others with unexpected gestures of generosity and your kindness over the holidays sent positive ripples far and wide.  You may not feel the goodness immediately in January, but it will come back around in the most surprising and unexpected ways early this year.  You have the capacity to deeply connect with others, but less evolved Scorpios usually squander this gift in one of two ways.  Some give of themselves too freely and then feel deep disappointment when the intensity of their affection isn’t reciprocated.  Others tighten their trusted social circle to such extremes they become reclusive and closed off.  Find a place for acquaintances; not everyone has to be your very best friend.


January has so many exciting and anxiety-inducing moments for you Sag.  While you will try your damnedest to maintain a façade of perfection, there will be missteps, so take them in stride.  Approach new challenges with a beginner’s spirit.  After a few months of fun, friends, and family, now is the time to laser in on more serious pursuits.  May your look match your mission.  Evolve your winter look and tighten up the silhouette with exquisitely tailored classics.  Sags feel most confident when they look their absolute best.

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