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January 2015 Horoscopes


CAPRICORNHappy Birthday Capricorn!  The New Year has you interested in wellness and self-care.  Clean up the eat-out-of-convenience diet and break a dripping sweat.  Focusing on yourself can be challenging for you Cap, but you’ll benefit greatly from some much needed attention.  The planets provide extra support to keep with routines and new habits.  Most Capricorns are financially solvent because you work hard and sparingly spend, but January brings on a craving for luxury that you just can’t ignore.  Splurge kid.  You deserve a fatty birthday treat.  Unfortch, we’ll all feel the effects of Mercury’s retrograde after the 21st, so if you want to take a trip or sign important documents get it done before the perilous backspin.  For Capricorn, Saturn forces closure in situations left undone; there’s no avoiding a few difficult conversations.


AQUARIUSAquarius starts off the year in conflict feeling like hitting the town and tucking into bed for a snooze.  Competing energies face-off, to which will you succumb?  Set intentions under the full moon in Aquarius on the 20th.  Then wait out the identity crisis that comes with Mercury’s retrograde scheduled to commence on the 21st.  You may feel a sudden rush to drastically alter your appearance and this would not be an appropriate time for that Aquarius.  Retrograde haircuts are not a good look.  Saturn demands a reworking of your less balanced friendships.  A few of those low-hangers could go.


PISCESPisces enjoys spending the first few days of the year snugged in close to home nurturing family and friends.  The 4th is a great day for bold proclamations or risk-taking; luck’s in your favor.  Keep social engagements spiritually bent and constructive.  With a cluster of planets luring you into your astrological bedroom, all you really want to do is sleep.  Turn everything off and hibernate, Pisces; it’s that time of year.  If you want to catch up on sleep at your favorite seaside resort, do so before Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st.


Aries confronts 2015 with confidence and security which can only come from spending time with a reliable group of friends.  Social obligations extend well past the holidays.  These gatherings offer opportunities to strengthen connections and expand your social circle.  Mercury goes retrograde the 21st, so get any contracts signed, travel completed, and upgrade technology before the backspin commences.  Use Saturn’s influence to structure your education and travel plans over the next few years.  The planet’s task-masker energy aids in achieving your long-term ambitions.


January’s particularly fortuitous for you Taurus, so gamble with an aim towards expansion.  If you need to get outta town for self-improvement moment, get it done before the 21st when Mercury turns retrograde.  The career momentum you picked up in December continues to build towards your long-term goals through January.  Spend time with the important men in your life especially the one with whom you have a simmering unresolved conflict.  Saturn forces Taurus to restructure shared finances.  Bulls tend to over-give, so politely demand a restoration of balance when it comes to the household expenses and chores.


GEMINIGemini would rather ring the New Year in with a snooze than booze this year.  You are ready to let go of the pain and regrets of the past and start the year with a healing trajectory.  Relief comes in the form of a cluster of activity in your house of adventure, travel, and education.  Where do you want to go and what do you want to learn?  The status quo isn’t inspiring you to attack each day as if it were your last.  Grab life by the balls in January, Gemini.  Around January 20th, two different energies enter the scene.  Aquarius provides a blessing of luck in the face of risk, but Mercury’s retrograde can court you into a two steps forward three steps back style fox trot.


CANCERIn January, the full moon illuminates your house of identity which gives you the added power to assert your needs, Cancer.  January presents opportunities for merging which test Cancer’s capacity for sharing.  As the money starts to flow in there are chances to commingle and invest, but a move in this direction requires you come fully clean about all your past financial messiness.  Don’t lie about money.  Mercury spins retrograde on the 21st, so get any important paperwork, transactions, or deals signed, sealed, and delivered before then to spare yourself the trials of this tricky influence.  Others, acting out of frustration, may attack you and trigger a fight.  Chalk it up to the weird energy of the retrograde and forgive easily and quickly.


LEOOh Leo, you are such a warm and welcoming spirit for the New Year.  December required a great deal from you, and January provides a great time to connect with friends and family one-on-one without all the expectations of the holidays. With regard to your lovah, it might be time to say later.  You aren’t feeling needy folks in 2015.  Devote all that extra time you have in the vacancy of your relationship to major self-improvement.  Leo benefits from professional help, especially in areas that require a great deal of self-discipline.  Get it right and get it tight, Leo, because 2015 has all the energetic ingredients for a possible engagement.  Execute in the areas of contracts, travel, and technology before Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st.


VIRGOVirgo kicks off 2015 with ambition!  What do you want to achieve this year?  Already a professional powerhouse in your daily grind, how can you elevate above and beyond your current station?  You are capable of even more, so place no restrictions on the largess of your dreams.  Virgos feel particularly passionate, potent, and expressive the first three weeks of January.  This is an exceptional time to engage in any artistic pursuits.  Create something beautiful for someone you love.  Clear the air of any conflict on the 4th and celebrate the peace-making with a festive evening.  Your health and well-being require your attention in January.  Curb the overindulgence.


LIBRAThis January Libra’s humming Lykke Li’s There’s a Possibility.  With an optimistic spirit, you look forward to all the opportunity for adventure and new challenge in 2015.  The first three weeks make a wonderful time for hosting, domesticity, and nourishing family and friends in your home.  The 4th brings clarity to a professional situation.  Are you moving up or moving out?  Take responsibility for your own behavior and decisions.  Libra continues to keep it sexy through the first half of January.  What makes you so desirable now is your ability to express your emotions without restraint.  If you have your eye on someone, initiate now.  The 21st brings Mercury’s retrograde, so back up your phone and computer should bad tech mojo come your way.


SCORPIOScorpio welcomed the New Year with a round of applause from a crowd of adoring fans, but all that adulation doesn’t really quench your thirst for a meaningful and deeply connected relationship.  You require total devotion from your tribe and some shaky relationships may not survive the higher level of relationship scrutiny you roll out in 2015.  Saturn finally orbited out of Scorpio and not a moment too soon.  You’ve had enough tough life lessons in the last two years, but the challenging times taught you much in the way of self-sufficiency.  Saturn moves on to Sagittarius where it will continue to influence your career in a number of positive ways.


SAGSaturn entered your sign at the end of last month, Sag, and the planet of structure and discipline has quite the agenda for you over the next few years.  There are no shortcuts.  Several planets cluster in your communication sector making you chatty, chatty, chatty.  This urge to verbally purge can work for or against you depending on your ability to self-edit.  Needless to say, there’s a risk for Sag’s thoughtless blabbing to cause serious damage to relationships.  Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st which can cause further friction in your important relationships.  Take a breath before reacting harshly.  Rely on your partner for support when frustrated.