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Anyone with any fashion industry experience is well-acquainted with the Jiffy J-4000 garment steamer.  Steaming is bitchwork for sure, but the J-4000 makes it almost enjoyable.  Certainly, the steamer kicks the iron’s ass.

Don’t get cheap when buying a steamer.  Steaming with an underpowered steamer is the most frustrating, tedious, and sweltering experience.  You will be tempted to purchase the slightly less expensive J-2000, but you should waste neither time nor money on anything but what the professionals use — the Jiffy J-4000.  Consider yourself warned and informed.
Why steam?  Steaming deodorizes, removes wrinkles, and gently freshens garments.  It is better for the environment than dry cleaning and ultimately far less expensive.  Once you invest it a high quality steamer, you’ll be stymied how you lived so long without one.  One word of advice – wear gloves and long sleeves when you steam.  The steamer head gets super hot and burns like a motherfucker.