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SPRING 2012 RTW: groupies

Jean Paul GaultierGiorgio ArmaniD&GYigal AzrouëlDolce & GabbanaDennis BassoJill StuartJust CavalliJoan Smalls struts at Jean Paul Gaultier.

Resort 2012: fun pants

FALL 2011 RTW: cocktail

MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK SNEAK PEEK: spring 2011 ready-to-wear

It’s all about white, white, white for spring 2011. 

Jill Stuart presented one of the strongest collections of the season.

RHNY: Never Let Pride Destroy a Friendship

When LuAnn says she and the kids are based in the Hamptons now, is that a euphemism for I lost the Manhattan townhouse in the divorce?

Countess LuAnn’s panties got all damp when Victoria told her that her guy friends think she’s attractive.  LuAnn begs, “What do they say, what do they say?”…”That’s weird when a boy your age thinks your Mother is hot, so dirty!”  Put down the fishing pole LuAnn, I thought we were done reassuring you last week.  Sleep soundly tonight reassured you are indeed a MILF.

The other biddies keep harping on what Kelly is going to tell her kids about PlayboyKelly has a lot of explaining to do to her kids anyway.  After assault charges, cat fights, and alleged Sam Talbot-fucking, this Playboy shoot is the least of Sea and Teddy’s problems.

Did Bethenny give any worthwhile advice at the Leaning Annex Class?  Mostly, it looked like she horrified the Upper East Side over-fifty set with her Lower East Side mouth.  I’ve read Bethenny’s book.  Let me summarize: eat as little as possible, when you do eat, don’t eat crap, and put it in a ramekin.  Profoundly insightful, I know.  Bethenny has a nice figure, but there are murmurs it has more to do with her laxative enthusiasm than her self-control, but I ain’t one to gossip, so you didn’t hear it from me……

I’ve actually tried on the dress that Bethenny wore to Jason’s birthday party and “sausage casing” is putting it mildly, that thing feels like wearing an extra strength spanx as a dress.  I thought her boobs were going to pop right out as she pushed the body-con trend a bit too far.  The vibe at Jason’s birthday party felt tense and awkward.  Bethenny looked unsure after Jason blew out his candles.  Psst, let me whisper you a secret, I don’t think this is a lasting union.

“I’m not abusing animals, I’m just wearing fur.”  Kelly, profoundly deep thinker that she is, doesn’t realize that PETA vehemently opposes fur even though their campaign slogan is “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur.”

Kelly, for the record, parting an animal with its hide is an inherently abusive practice.  You’re right when you say you are a cold blooded person, but you are dead wrong to believe that wearing fur is not a selfish and cruel choice.  I hope that fur springs alive and starts nibbling on you.

Jill and LuAnn lost their balance with Bethenny’s lubricious blitz at the Jill Stuart fashion show.  Funny that Kelly and Bethenny smooch-smooch it up like nothing ever happened.  Jill looks like she’s about to chunder during the runway presentation.  Was she nauseous from the clothes or the conflict?

Bethenny forced a confrontation after the show, but Jill stood her ground.  Both women share fault for the disintegration of their friendship, but the question is, who will humble themselves and apologize first?  All Bethenny has to do is acknowledge Jill’s hurt and Jill would forgive her, but neither will capitulate to the other.  The power dynamic between the two women has shifted.  With Bethenny’s burgeoning fame, she doesn’t feel like she needs to prostrate herself to Jill anymore.

LuAnn butts in where she doesn’t belong, and I think we’ll see how that bites her in the ass next week.  With the Count long gone, LuAnn lays her pent-up divorce anger on Bethenny for the second week in a row.  LuAnn will get Bethenny’s Scorpio stinger when she least expects it, trust.

I miss Jill and Bethenny, and they obviously miss each other.  I wish Bethenny could be a more courageous woman and apologize.  I wish Jill would stop trying to turn all the other housewives against Bethenny like this is seventh grade.  Fight your own battles Jill, you are a grown ass woman!

Remember Grasshoppers, true and meaningful connections are exceedingly rare in this cruel, hate-filled world.  Never let pride destroy a friendship.