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I Know It’s Not Right When…

SODA SHOP DATEHe has to google words I use in text messages.  You don’t know what auspicious means?

Auspicious: showing or suggesting that future success is likely.

He spends three dates talking exclusively about himself and then says “I can’t wait to learn everything about you.”BAD DATE CARTOON

I hate his shoes.hermes brown suedeHe cares more about being perceived as cool than he does about my feelings.ONJ AND JOHN TRAVOLTA GREASE

KELLY LE BROCKMy Kelly LeBrock and James Spader references sailed over his thinning hair.JAMES SPADER MANNEQUIN


3 for Thursday

How exciting is this whole Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes split?  Is it just a coincidence the marriage lasted right around 5 years just like the rumored contract?  Let’s hope with the end of this marriage comes the end of Katie’s blank-ass expression, mediocre clothing line, and non-acting career.  She used to be so adorable and ripe with potential and talent.  Rumored reasons for the split?  Tom sending Suri to Sea Org?!  Surveillance assigned to Tom’s adopted daughter Isabella?!  Isolation insisted upon by the Church of Scientology? Some juicy morsels are bound to surface from the swirl of this sure-to-be messy separation.  In the meantime, we’ll just count the days until Suri’s tell-all.  You know Travolta has got to be relieved to have the Church leaders distracted with this new wave of bad press and defection.Did you catch the premiere of season 2 of Episodes this week?  I watched season 1 of this weird little series last year and was hesitant to recommend it to you because the pace is a bit glacial in the beginning.  I wasn’t a Friends fan, so I’m not recommending the Matt LaBlanc show out of some sort of misplaced loyalty.  The supporting players are the true highlight – particularly Daisy Haggard, who basically makes me shit my pants every time she appears on screen.  Episodes is worth a watch, especially when conveniently paired with….

Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy.  I still drag The Comeback out every so often and burn through that underrated gem.  Web Therapy scratches a similar itch.  The premiere boasts appearances from players like Rosie O’Donnell, Meryl Streep, and returning cast member Alan Cumming.  Most of the show is improvised by skilled comics, but even among the best in the biz, Kudrow anchors the comedy with the genius affectations of therapist Fiona Wallice.

And please schedule your DVR to record The Real L Word season 3 premiere July 12th because that hot mess of lesbian drama is an annual tradition here at DC.



Scientology: Abuse At The Top

Amy Scobee, OT VII, spent 25 years in the top ranks of Scientology.  In 2005, she left the church and wrote a tell-all about her experience called Scientology: Abuse at the Top, which came out earlier this year.  (In an attempt to avoid the wrath of Xenu, please consider the following gossip of unconfirmed veracity.)According to Scobee, naughty staff were sent to clean a self-descriptive place called “rats alley.”  Other punishments included chipping rust off old boilers in a basement, and keeping guard outside a room where a fellow Scientologist was kept isolated because “she’d gone crazy.”Grueling hours and ritual sleep deprivation resulted in one guy cutting his finger off with a table saw, another cutting open his leg with an angle grinder, and another woman falling off 20 foot scaffolding and shattering her pelvis. During her lengthy service, Scobee met all the big dawgs: Travolta, Kelly Preston, Kirstie Alley, Anne Archer, Nancy Cartwright, Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley, Juliette Lewis, Isaac Hayes, and Jenna ElfmanScobee said both Jenna and Tom wanted to join Sea OrgScobee bragged she talked Jenna out of joining and advised her to pursue acting instead.  Scobee got into some hot water by alleging Cruise was ineligible because of his history of recreational drug use (an allegation Cruise’s attorney denies).  Apparently, LRH was very touchy about LSD.As an antidote to all that drug use, the Scientologists sure are fond of niacin.  Scobee reported she took 5000 milligrams a day for months during a “detoxification program.”

On the gays: Scobee describes the Church of Scientology as “homophobic.”  Within the church, homosexuals are reportedly considered “aberrations in need of handling.”

Scobee allegedly overheard David Miscavige and other officials giggling like school girls over the auditing transcripts of (what is implied to be) Lisa Marie Presley (described as a female celebrity connected with Michael Jackson).  According to Scobee, many of auditing rooms were reportedly equipped with cameras and microphones for recording.  Will leaked audits be the new celebrity sex tape?