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Million Dollar Listing L.A.: edith flagg forever


Just a few days ago, our beloved Edith Flagg passed on to the polyester-lined afterlife at the age of 94.  Edith Flagg survived the Holocaust, made a mint importing synthetic fabric, and enjoyed an especially close relationship with her grandson Josh Flagg.  She sprinkled wisdom, love, and humor throughout the show and stole every scene she shot.  I only knew you through the TV Grandma Edith, but I will miss you.  We all wish we had a grandma like you.  Baruch dayan emet.JOSH-FLAGG-AND-GRANDMA-EDITHHEATHER AND MADISON

Josh Altman’s fiance Heather Bilyeu really fucked up her face.  Nose job, fillers, Botox, does the girl think she’s a Real Housewife of Beverly Hills?  Straight up, she looks older, faker, and weirder, not younger and more beautiful.  Heather’s gone Heidi Montag.  Gross.  I’ve always gotten such a desperate fame-seeking impression of her anyway, and now I can’t even look at her creepy immobile face.


I don’t like the new British guys.  I miss Madison, and I really, really, really, miss The Chad.



Lazy Ass Bitches

How over bad service are we?  I know Blanche D’Almonds doesn’t hesitate to express her feelings in writing and send it straight to the top.  I admire this tactic, though I personally rarely employ it.  I hold grudges forever.  Provide abysmal service once, and I will never go back – ever – no matter how inconvenient the establishment is to avoid.

There is a property I want to see.  I’ve called the listing agent 3X over the last week  and the lazy bitch still hasn’t called me back.  You wanna sell a house or not?  Why am I having to track your ass down to see your listing?  Where the fuck is Josh Flagg when I need him?Rather than expect it as a rule, now good service surprises me.  I provide lavish praise and gratuity when I receive it.  I do my part.  I come to the interaction with kindness and patience.  Meet my eye.  Say hello and goodbye.  Please and thank you too.  It’s not that hard to do.


My New Favorite Program: Million Dollar Listing New York

Faithful readers (love you) know that I have an odd little soft spot for Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing, so I was a little unsure if Million Dollar Listing New York could live up to its West Coast fore-bearer.   MDLNY has got a slightly different flavor, but it has all the ingredients for a tasty, boy bitch-fighting stew.  Tune in for big money negotiations, real estate porn, and an actual former gay porn star.  Hello Fredrik.  Nice nip. In other real estate news, model Agyness Deyn just sold her Williamsburg apartment for $2.175.  Elisabeth Hasselbeck recently listed her apartment for $3.3 million.  Agy’s above, Hasselbeck’s below, as if you really needed the clarification.


Recently, Bravo stars Josh Flagg (Million Dollar Listing) and Bethenny Frankel (Bethenny Ever After) both released books.  Frankel authored two previous best-sellers: Naturally Thin and the companion cookbook Skinnygirl Dish.  By now you’ve surely heard of her latest offering – A Place of Yes, a self-help guide including “10 Rules for Getting Everything You Want Out of Life.”  After reading the first twenty pages of Place of Yes, a response of “fuck no” started to form.  Place of Obvious might be a better title for all the wisdom and insight tucked into the pages of this meandering manifesto.

Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream might sound like a real estate book, and in many ways it is.  Flagg writes with endearing honesty about his upbringing and family.  Shaped by strong women, Flagg gives credit where credit is due – to his grandmothers and mother for shaping him into his current success.  He discusses his first feelings of detachment from the crowd, and how his burgeoning homosexuality further reinforced his isolation.  This description makes the book sound heavy; it’s not.  It’s hilarious.  If you watch Josh on Million Dollar Listing, his voice narrates the anecdotes.  Here are a few gems:On his Grandma Edith bringing polyester to the U.S. fabric market, “So in short, my grandmother became incredibly successful and was single handedly responsible for the horrendous synthetic fiber jogging suits of the 1970’s.”On Mom and Dad, “I blame them both for my precocious demeanor and pretentious sense of self-worth.”Concerning his Father specifically,”…his plan to make me a humble human being backfired.”“Parents of other kids in my class, they loved me!  For the ones that couldn’t tell I pitched for the other team, they were thrilled because they thought their daughters were going to marry me.  For the ones who could tell, they wanted me to come over to their houses and help them redecorate their living rooms.”From his Grandfather’s death at Auschwitz to his reign as cotillion queen, page after page, Flagg’s disarming candor reveals his unvarnished, often painful truth.When you compare these two books, the startling difference boils down to authenticity.  Josh’s account resonates as personal and genuine.  Bethenny’s book reads like she’s trying to convince us she’s got life all figured out.Check out Flagg’s Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream – not only will you learn a thing or two about real estate, Josh’s forthright career memoir may change and inform your opinion of the squeaky-voiced (yet charming) dork.