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Are you over-exfoliating?

Went to the high priestess of skincare again today and realized I’ve been over-exfoliating.  I attributed the downturn in my skin’s appearance to tremendous stress.  A demanding life taxes the skin for sure, but I shoulder partial blame as a result of my over zealous exfoliation routine.  Too frequent or vigorous exfoliation can cause inflammation and over-active oil glands.  This extra oil paired with extra stress results in extra unhappy skin. 

I learned my lesson, and I’m taking it easy.  The wise and generous Joyce Bunch of La Boe Salon hooked me up with an amazing array of products like Facial Cleansing Gélee, a Fortifying Toner, an incredible Daily O2 Optimizing Creme, an ALA Eye & Neck Lifting Creme, and a Calendula Crème for day.  After applying the products as advised, my skin already feels more balanced and less aggravated.

If you are experiencing a breakout resurgence, reevaluate your routine.  What worked at twenty years old may need some tweaking at thirty.  If you find yourself layering one harsh product over another and working a physical exfoliation program too, it might be doing you more harm than good.  Try dialing it back a bit and see if your skin doesn’t positively respond.  

Local Beauty: LaBoe Salon

As some of you know, I’ve been stuck on the buckle of the Bible belt for much of the summer on account of some personal tragedy.  It hasn’t been easy or fun, but one special lady certainly brought a little sunshine to some very cloudy days. The very talented Joyce Bunch owns a reputable salon in Morristown, Tennessee called LaBoe.  Picture Dolly Parton from Steel Magnolias and you are almost there.  Kind-hearted with a gentle touch, Joyce breaks out some cutting edge treatments in this little town.  For example, have you ever had a cold saline jet peel?  Very enjoyable. Now most of you might count your lucky stars that Morristown, Tennessee isn’t on the travel itinerary for this year.  However, you too can enjoy a little LaBoe goodness.  She produces a top-notch and reasonably priced beauty line.  Check out www.laboesalon.com for an excellent array of potent products.  Free from fragrance and artificial color, Joyce keeps it real and focuses on results-oriented skincare.  I’d put her glycolic face cream up against any prestige brand.  The LaBoe skincare line comes in generously sized containers that make you feel like you are getting two for one.  

If you live in east Tennessee and you aren’t at the Cracker Barrel right now (don’t get mad, I heart okra too) you must visit Joyce Bunch for a little derma-TLC.  For those geographically far-flung, get on these products.  Your friends will be dying to know your skincare secret.