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Brandi’s Bio

Don’t bother buying Brandi Glanville’s book Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders because she really is as insipid and lacking in insight as one might predict.  Think I am being harsh?  It took her over a decade to figure out Eddie was cheating despite the following trail of philandering clues: 1) All the bills were sent to his parents’ house.

2) He showered before he went to the “gym.”

3) Eddie went out with “the guys” several times a week.

4) He’s an actor.

5) He’s pretty and therefore bombarded with opportunities for strange.

6) According to Brandi, Eddie infected her with an STD, and then tried to convince her she was born with the ailment and was suffering a 35 year symptom onset delay.

Since I took precious time out of my short life to read this mess, here’s a few less publicized morsels from the third-rate tell-all.  Brandi claims Eddie gave her HPV.  I think that means we can infer both LeAnn Rimes and that Scheana chick probably have the warts too.  Brandi describes needing several multiple loop electrosurgical excision procedures to right her wart situation.  (I would seriously shank a disease-spreading bitch, and the bitch in this situation is clearly Eddie.)Brandi admits to obsessive face picking and actually went to hypnotherapy to cure her destructive habit.  Paradoxically, she doesn’t perceive the Botox and fillers as self-mutilating.Brandi was busted for a DUI and reports the Beverly Hills jail has celebrity weeklies in the cells!  How posh.The thing I like most about Brandi is that her Dad was (is?) a pot dealer.Stymied by her toddler when he learned to free himself from his crib, Brandi locked Jake in his room from the outside in at night. If you want to know about Brandi’s body, credit Pilates (and good genes bitch!).Brandi had her vagina surgically tightened and charged it to EddieBrandi hates anal, but isn’t above a little girl-on-girl above the waist action to keep things interesting – mostly interesting for the guys she lets watch.



Of everyone, Keri Hilson turned it out best and most appropriately in Basil Soda. Predictably, metallic mania saturated the 2011 Grammy red carpet.  JLo in Emilio Pucci, and look at little Snooks werking an exaggerated shoulder. Selena Gomez looked ten years older in J MendelHeidi Klum improved over her last dress disaster with this Julien MacDonald. Kim Kardashian gambled on titty tape in Kaufmanfranco, Miley in Cavalli, and Rimes in Reem Acra. JHud channeled Naomi in Versace.  She’d be a contender for best dressed if the skirt had reached the floor.  From the waist down, the dress is reading budget. Ciara showed almost everything in Emilio Pucci.  Wrong shoes girl. Minaj in Givenchy, Gaga in Hussien Chalayan, and (to some extent) Rihanna in Gaultier served avant-garde, but their attempts at fashion rebellion felt a bit contrived. Florence Welch broke out the new Givenchy hot off the runway.  Katy Perry dug up her Halloween faerie costume from 2001.  Wings Katy, really?  That abomination is fucking Armani yo!Don’t love the dress, but overall, this is a vast improvement for Nicole Kidman who has been looking like dookie lately.  Natasha Bedingfield and Julianne Hough also donned florals and patterns.