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Sunday Birthday Party

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Blinc Mascara

Happy mascara Monday dolls!  Good news; after several disappointments, finally I have a worthy recommendation for you: Blinc Mascara (formerly Blinc Kiss Me Mascara).  Like nothing else, the formula hardens to form flexible tubes around lashes.  Remove with eye-appropriate cleanser, gentle massage, and warm water.  Extremely resistant to flaking, Blinc Mascara boldly boosts volume and length and provides a less shameful walk-of-shame type of non-smudgability.  Follow the application instructions.  Specifically, apply multiple coats in quick succession before the product dries.  Feel free to curl lashes before application and again once the formula sets. While the idea may seem gimmicky, Blinc Mascara actually performs with dramatic results, unmatched endurance, and freaky futuristic lash adherence. 

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