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CAUDALIE DIVINE OILCaudalíe Divine Oil soothes my weather-worn skin and hair.  Smell this mix of luxury oils first before you buy.  Potent and intense, I love the fragrance, but not everyone will.  THIS IS THE END

This is the End.  I know I’m late to the party, but I rarely get to theater.  When a movie makes me laugh out loud while alone in my apartment I know it’s funny.  Campy and self-aware, even though it meandered, I still greatly enjoyed the motion picture This is the End.  I will never look at Michael Cera or Channing Tatum the same way ever again.  MICHAEL CERA


Living Proof

JEN AND CHRIS LIVING PROOFDammit.  I already love Living Proof Prime Style Extender, and now I’m hooked on Living Proof Full shampoo and conditioner.  Do you think I want to love anything associated with Jennifer fucking Aniston?  I assure you I do not, but I cannot deny the otherworldly effects of these products.  I prefer wash and wear hair for my daily situation.  My hair goes up into a messy spinpin bun and down again several times a day.  Living Proof improves the texture, volume, and style of my air-dried hair.  Living Proof Full shampoo + conditioner + style extender + air dry = hair looks almost as good as if I finished with heat.  If I actually take the time to blow my hair out with Living Proof the results are major; add hot rollers = bombshell major.  I started this paragraph with the word dammit because Living Proof is pricey, and now I’m addicted.  I console myself knowing with Living Proof I can go a day between washings and still maintain bouncy bedhead.  LP makes my haircut look more expensive.  If Living Proof had nuts, I’d be swinging from them.  LIVING PROOF FULL

Living Proof Prime Style Extender

JENNIFER ANISTON LIVING PROOFI’ve been curious about Living Proof, the hair care company co-owned by Jennifer Aniston, a couple of MIT professors, and some venture capitalists.   The money guys got together with the scientists and recruited celebrity shine to push their new technology.  Sounds like a good recipe, right?  Well, since the line launched, I haven’t heard much one way or the other, so I decided to pick up a sample of the Living Proof Style Extender at Sephora the other day.  Let’s see if those MIT smarties really know anything about molecular engineering.

LIVING PROOF PRIME STYLE EXTENDERLiving Proof bases its claims of superiority on 2 patented molecules: OFPMA – which acts a shield, and PBAE – which creates volume through friction.  OFPMALiving Proof Prime Style Extender relies on OFPMA as its main ingredient and claims to extend style 2x longer.  So I put that bitch to the test last night.  In some ways I am follicularly blessed, but style retention is not my locks’ most enviable quality.  Curls, volume, lift, all dissipate rather quickly in most environments unless I go hard with the reliable, impermeable shellac of ElnettPRIME STYLE EXTENDER

After the usual cleanse and condition routine, I massaged a generous dollop of Living Proof Prime Style Extender through my hair.  The product is serum-like in consistency with definite glide.  It smells strongly citrusy, but not unpleasantly so.  I blow dried and noticed the product added marginal volume.  I then curled, let cool, and brushed out for a sort of Charlene-Tilton-Dallas-Era ‘do.  Most importantly, I skipped the Elnett to see what the Style Extender was capable of on its own.  CHARLENE TILTONOn the way to the festivities, I received a kind round of compliments on my hair.  I told the gang about my experiment and they agreed to look out for style droopage.  LIVING PROOF JEN ANISTONI confess the curl held up, albeit under rather untaxing circumstances – dinner + drinks for a party of 10 indoors.  My hair looks as good in the photos during the first margarita as it did during the sopapilla, so I guess there’s something to be said for that MIT education.  LIVING PROOF SCIENCEAfter a night of sleeping, my curl crashed, but I do have a voluminous-freshly-fucked bedhead situation going.  In the interest of research, I plugged my curling iron back in to see if I could quickly revive last night’s glory.  Indeed, the curl returned promptly and with bounce – all this without stinky, stiff hairspray.  LIVING PROOF PRINTThe science behind Living Proof clearly has merit.  Living Proof Prime Style Extender has a specific mission with a targeted consumer.  Any number of products can retain style for a day.  Use this when you want to go a few days between shampoos and need to easily revive your style without continuously weighing hair down with additional products.  Ladies who prefer a soft-hold style will particularly enjoy the benefits of Living Proof Prime Style Extender.LP EXTENDER


Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid

We talked before about Redken Anti-Snap, but hair guru Emily changed the conversation with her Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid recommendation.  Think of Instant Silk as Anti-Snap with nutrition for the hair.  It smooths, creates shine, fights frizz, and acts as an all-around texture problem solver. Weightless, super-fast absorbing and non-greasy, Instant Silk is all you want in a smoothing serum, with the added benefit of UV filters and Vitamin E.  Goldwell Kerasilk Instant Silk Fluid falls in the middle of the pack in terms of price, but a little goes a long way, making it worth the investment.  In sum, Instant Silk provides convert-worthy results. 


High-end haircare carries the real possibility for disappointment.  As previously discussed, shampoo and conditioner only have a few minutes to do their thing, and then it’s just down the drain.  Is a hefty investment in something so fleeting very prudent?Enjoying Fekkai Protein Rx PM Strengthener led to the decision to invest in Fekkai Glossing KitThe freshly scented Glossing Shampoo performs well enough, leaving hair shiny as promised as well as silky and bouncy.  Not a complete failure, but also not worthy of the substantial asking price since many less expensive shampoos perform equally well.  This shampoo lathers nicely because it is not sulfate-free. Fekkai Glossing Conditioner delivers promised shine, but slacks in the detangling department.  For long locks, get ready for a crippling 2:1 conditioner to shampoo ratio.  For a similar investment, much more effective conditioners are available to achieve more dramatic results.  To this product’s credit, it did soften a particularly rough patch that cheaper conditioners couldn’t soothe. Usually cream = weight, but when used sparingly, Fekkai Glossing Cream tames frizzies, protects against heat, and brings a high-shine finish to the hair.  The bonus Glossing Cream was the pleasant surprise, but any more than a pea sized amount, and enter the greasy law of diminishing returns.  A little goes a very long way, and this cream definitely helps detangle wet hair where the Glossing Conditioner falls short. Overall, Fekkai Glossing Kit performed as promised.  For most, however, the results won’t justify the cost.  Might consider keeping the pair in the rotation for special events, but the price-per-use is a little steep for every wash. 

Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener

I know ya’ll covetous bitches have been staring longingly at Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards‘ mega-mane.  A common salon-chair complaint is that women can’t get vibrant, thick, luxurious hair to grow below the bra line.  After hair reaches this length it fizzles out into stringy insubstantial wisps.  Some think extensions are the answer.  Get Britney’s busted weave to cosign on that shit.    Let’s try another angle.  Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener is an overnight conditioning treatment aimed at fortifying hair while you sleep.  No doubt Rx PM Repair Strengthener is an extravagance at $65 for 4 oz.  Justify the price by recognizing that you will easily get another month or more out of your haircut.  Furthermore, consider that shampoo and conditioner only stay on the hair for 1-5 minutes.  There are limits to what even the most luxurious product can do in this scant time.  Fekkai’s light-weight cream rebuilds and revitalizes over several hours.  Upon waking and washing, hair is left silken, shiny, and weightlessly soft.  This is the secret to taking your tresses from mid-length to full-length. It’s worth emphasizing that Rx PM Repair does not weigh hair down or leave build-up.  It penetrates strands quickly and won’t stain your pillow.  The scent is pleasant and unobtrusive. Nothing is ever perfect.  The cheap dispenser is inconsistent with the quality of the product inside.  Upgrade your bottles Fekkai.  J’annoyed with the weak-ass pump.  Also, sad to say this isn’t vegan.  Milk protein is involved. It takes mayjah results for me to get all aflutter over a conditioner, but I have a diamond-hard wang for Fekkai Protein Rx PM Repair Strengthener.  Often the differences between the high end and low end are indiscernible, but in this case the results after one use are not only noticeable, they border on miraculous.