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Sunday for Ma

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Five Reasons Kathy Griffin is annoying now…..

First, nobody cares about Sarah Palin, and we care even less about Levi JohnstonObama won, the joke’s over.Second, for a woman who claims to call people on their shit, she denies (allegedly) fucking her “tour manager” Tom Vize.  Just admit it Kathy, everyone knows, and your disingenuousness undermines the credibility of your act. Kathy’s really gotten her body in shape and she looks great, but do we need to see her in a bikini every chance she gets?  I’m tired of two-piece narcissist Kathy.  We like our Kathy talking shit, not posing poolside.As many of you know, ratings for the D-List have taken a hit this year, maybe that’s because she’s catering to the Sunset Daze set.  Yes, her Mom is funny, but the D-List has taken on a decidedly mothball stank. If Kathy thinks Paris Hilton attracts the youngsters, maybe someone should inform her Paris Hilton hasn’t been relevant for at least five years (if ever). Kathy, never shy about self-promotion, campaigned for some major awards.  She managed to snag two Emmys and a couple of Grammy nominations.  This A-list adulation stands in sharp contrast to the original concept of her show – which was to document the struggles and humiliations of a mid-level comic.  D-Listers don’t have Emmys on the mantle.