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As promised, August is a vast improvement over July for Leos.  Already well-liked, Lions’ magnetism and charisma soars this month.  Established relationships experience romance. Unattached Leos enjoy an end of summer fling.  However, don’t expect anything permanent to come from the dalliance.  That influx of wealth you were counting on, don’t bet on it.  The stars show positive financial momentum for Leos, but not a windfall.


For a full 21 days of August Virgos enjoy supercharged magnetism.  Folks will find you ultra enjoyable and appealing.  Soak up all the adoration and you will absolutely glow.  Virgos do not get a pass on the bad communication mojo floating around the astrological wheel this month.  Don’t make any big decisions on critical concerns.  Co-workers keep secrets this month and their non-disclosures cause drama and confusion.  Virgos ask a lot of unanswered questions and find the lack of incoming information maddening.  Best to keep your mouth shut and ears open at work.


Rely on Libran intuition to navigate August.  Interpersonal landmines dapple the landscape causing the typically gentle Libra to be perceived as downright offensive.  Watch your mouth and ass this month.  No one will give you the benefit of the doubt.  When out with friends or at work, the atmosphere is ripe for misunderstanding.  Communicate clearly and succinctly.  Double check anything important.  Enjoy a love fest around the 5th, whether single or attached.


Direct your energy toward family and the domestic sphere this month Scorpio.  Use that laser-accurate intuition to navigate challenging relationships.  Don’t doubt that feeling in your gut.  It is right on.  You’ll be in the mood to fill that already brimming brain with more knowledge.  Seek out reliable sources for independent learning.  You’ve collected an amazing group of friends and this month they lend support in unexpected ways.  Let them know how much they mean to you.  Work will pretty much suck until the third week of August.


Stay home this month Sags.  Travel plans are plagued with delays and cancellations.  Give important documents a second look and pay extra attention to minutia.  The Devil is in the details.  There is a strong likelihood you’ll be called for jury duty.  August proves promising professionally with advancements and a bonus on the horizon.  Keep a moderate attitude in relationships and refrain from digging your heels in during petty fights.


Caps miss important long distance communication due to careless oversight.  Thoroughly inspect your inbox for overlooked emails.  Congratulations to those with scholastic pursuits.  You will receive positive responses from scholarship applications.  Caps struggle with relationships and yearn for authentic connection.  August remains inconsistent in this area with satisfying highs and depressing lows.  Expect a few major blowups in August, particularly on the 10th and 25th.  Hold off on big financial decisions until next month.


Miscommunication dominates August for Aquarius.  Much of this month will be spent cleaning up confusing messes in relationships, finances, and work.  Thank Mercury in retrograde for this stressful stretch.  Reduce the potential negativity by mindfully reviewing statements and settling debts in advance of their due date.  Professionally, important conversations need to take place before the 10th or after the 25th to avoid temperamental flare-ups.


Retrograde Mercury in Virgo curses Pisces through the majority of August.  Fuck-ups abound, especially interpersonally where crossed wires cause heartache.  This chaos seeps into love and work, leaving you frustrated at every turn.  Delegate responsibility where possible and try to get the hell out of dodge – if not physically, mentally with a little introspection, meditation, or prayer.  Things improve after the third week with love.  This is the time for unattached Pisces to werk the flirt.


The first week of August brings the gift of fun with friends as Neptune enters the scene.  Unfortch, Aries too will suffer with this Mercury in retrograde situation.  Additionally, other planetary shifts harbor family hostility.  Let’s face it, getting bitched at by the fam ain’t ever fun.  Organization and thoughtful planning prevents future hassles to the extent possible.  Cloudy communication causes distress from every angle; even the hobbies you love will cause more agitation than relaxation until things lighten up in the last five days of the month.


Bulls have it easier this month than the rest of the signs of the Zodiac.  Light and positivity shine on Taurus as long as you edit aggressive verbal expression.  That sharp tongue acts as your strongest weapon and greatest weakness.  Fun times with the offspring fill August with genuine joy.  Take pleasure in non-competitive family activities.  Neptune strengthens Taurus professionally during the first week.  Get ready for recognition and financial rewards.  Enjoy this August Taurus; you definitely deserve it.


Overall, August looks cautiously positive for Geminis.  Not usually one for planning, this month you map out a future course of action for achieving accomplishments this autumn.  A change of scene provides a fresh perspective.  Seek out a beautiful place for a respite.  Geminis aren’t so much mean as they are careless with their words.  Consider phrasing and select statements with forethought, especially in dealings with family members.  August may bring the temptation to awaken a comatose relationship.  Giving this relationship another go isn’t advised.  The outcome will not be as you hoped.  That side gig you hope might bring in extra cash?  Don’t bet on it.  Focus professional energy on your primary source of income.


Cancers should maintain complete control over finances this month.  Crabs may be tempted to delegate money matters to others, but that choice will result in wallet ruin.  Double check important dates and meetings and stay organized.  This month Cancers experience delays, unexpected obstacles, and mishaps.  Work ahead and clear the docket, so when an unplanned challenge arises you have the time and resources to address it.  Look forward to an energy surge the first week.  Leverage it to complete unfinished tasks and gain a real sense of accomplishment.

Tuesday’s Tarot

In the story of the Tarot, The Fool takes the journey through the Major Arcana so that we may learn from his mistakes and triumphs.  There is an implied warning here: don’t be foolish, naive, or overly trusting.  While you gaze at the sky, keep one eye on the earth, so you don’t walk off a cliff.  Embrace the new start, but don’t ignore the little voice yapping at your heels.

Tuesday’s Tarot

We’ve come full circle friends, the twenty-first of the Major Arcana, The World, represents the successful conclusion of something major.  Scorpio (eagle), Leo (lion), Aquarius (cherub), and Taurus (bull), as the fixed signs of the Zodiac, the four corners of The World rest on your collective shoulders.  The layered meaning of this card could signal a few different conclusions.  Maybe the long suffering student is ready to graduate?  Perhaps, now that you are an expert yourself, you are ready to teach?  Or yes, a big trip might be in your future.  Whatever the case, this week, The World is yours.

Tuesday’s Tarot

Twentieth of the Major Arcana, the Judgement card is literal in both its depiction and interpretation.  Yup, that’s Gabriel blowing a trumpet and the dead arising.  When Judgement calls get ready to make a big, final, definite decision.  Time to accept the past for what it was and move forward.   Judgement day is here, forgive yourself and begin anew.

Tuesday’s Tarot

The Moon governs sleep, creativity, and moods.  Pisces are plagued with psychological conflict, and The Moon belongs to them.  At its best, The Moon symbolizes romanticism, artistic expression, psychic powers, and insight.  At its worst, The Moon brings confusion, worry, anxiety, and unrealistic ideas.  Express creativity productively and steer clear of drugs and alcohol when under The Moon’s influence.

Tuesday’s Tarot

After last week’s trip to the terror Tower, The Star, with her tranquility, serenity and optimism, provides a soft place to land.  Pure, beautiful, illuminated, The Star shines a guiding light for the future and embodies hope.  Aquarians think big, and this expansive vision is often their best trait.  You are The Star, Aquarius.  Seventeenth of the Major Arcana, The Star only really has one negative aspect: yearning for the future often forfeits an appreciation for the current moment.

Tuesday’s Tarot

The Tower signals chaos, disillusion, and ultimately revelation.  If The Tower surfaces in your reading, your stomach may flip flop.  Many find change uncomfortable and challenging.  Some may interpret the sixteenth of the Major Arcana as a sign of downfall and ruin.  I ain’t one to sugarcoat; prepare for a rude awakening.

Tuesday’s Tarot

Many people have a visceral reaction at the very mention of the word Devil.  Within the tarot context, The Devil card evokes Dionysus.  Since you all watch True Blood, we needn’t get remedial or redundant with the history of the horned God.  The Devil gets blamed for human enslavement to drugs, sex, and debauchery.  Look closely: once you get past the Vulcan salute, the slaves’ restraints hang loosely.  They could leave; they choose to stay, just as many of us stay voluntarily enslaved to our own basest desires.  No surprise, Capricorn, this is your card: aggressive, masculine, power and money-hungry.  When The Devil visits, check your ego.  When reversed,  relax with the anti-fun, rigid inflexibility.

Tuesday’s Tarot

On its face, some interpret the Temperance card as a symbol of moderation.  A deeper reading of Temperance encompasses the synthesis of opposites.  Sagittarians struggle with unifying opposing forces, and therefore Temperance functions as its Tarot twin.  Moderation enters the discussion in the context of balancing the concentration of competing interests.  The fourteenth of the Major Arcana and a Cardinal Virtue, Temperance urges the joining of adverse forces in the quest for harmony.