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Kevyn Aucoin The Radiant Reflection

You bitches know I love a good stick foundation.  Usually, I’m loyal to Bobbi Brown without deviation, but an online coupon deal lured me to try Kevyn Aucoin’s The Radiant Reflection Solid Foundation.  I’m a fan of Aucoin’s Sensual Skin Enhancer for its intense coverage, so I looked forward to seeing what this brand could do in a convenient stick format.

It pains me to report The Radiant Reflection is a serious disappointment.  First, the colors are all named after six different supermodels:

Shalom Amber, Linda, Christy, Yasmeen, Beverly. The limited range makes finding the right shade challenging.

Some reviews complained of an odor; there are always some folks bitching about fragrance within the sensitive crowd.  I am not among them.  I have preferences, but am not wholeheartedly fragrance-resistant.  I mention this because I’m about to concur that this product does have a funky smell.  If otherwise the foundation performed beautifully, maybe the artificial smell would be less noticeable, but alas that is not the case.  Ultimately, the formula fails for lack of creaminess and blendability.  It applies with a cooling sensation, but then hovers on the skin without ever really sinking in to vanishing perfection.  This product takes work to look natural, and life is filled with enough work.  Back to Bobbi Brown, $4 savings per stick and foundation that melts into the skin providing flawless unspookable coverage.


see spot vanish

Really nothing ruins a beautiful day like a great big zit.  Don’t even front like you don’t consider staying home on account of a bad skin day.  Well those days are done.  Today, learn how to expertly camouflage imperfections and give good face even when it isn’t cooperating.


First gather your tools.  You will need the following items: foundation, concealer, loose powder, bronzer, good light, a mirror, a clean eyeliner brush, and makeup sponges.First prepare the skin by physically exfoliating with a scrub, washcloth, Buf-puf, or the like.  If the little inflamed friend is giving you a full 3-D effect, get the area as smooth as possible by removing all the dead and flaky skin.  Be gentle; redness is hard to cover up.

Toner helps tighten and remove residue, but it isn’t required.

Apply moisturizer all over.  Moisterizer will not cause further breakouts.  This essential step plumps the skin and readies it for foundation.  Let moisturizer soak in for several minutes before proceeding to avoid pilling.  Go blow dry your hair or puff a doobie while you wait.

Set up right in front of a well-lit mirror.  Let’s parse that sentence for meaning.  When I say right in front of, I mean right fucking in front of – like inches away.  I set a stool up in front of a full length mirror so I can get right up on it.  A counter separating your face from the mirror ain’t gonna work unless you have phenomenal vision.


The benefit of daylight cannot be understated, but if good lighting + daylight isn’t an option, take the shades off a couple lamps and set them on a chair or nearby table.  Remember, the light should be directed towards your face, not the mirror.  Yes, this much exposure can be terrifying at first, but you must face the truth before running for cover up.

The goal is always to use the least amount of product and aim for the most natural, effortless finish.  Keep these guiding principles in mind as we forge ahead.

Start with foundation, concentrate product where you need the most coverage and then blend down and out in the direction facial hair grows.  Keep blending; using the fingers helps temper the foundation.  Sponges help blend along the hairline.  A decent foundation should take care of a great deal of minor imperfections, but even full-coverage formulas lack the might required for a full-on blemish.Enter the eyeliner brush: indeed unorthodox, but a tiny tipped eyeliner brush allows for ultimate precision.  If the pesky spot flames with color, go a shade lighter with the concealer.  Steady your elbow, dab the brush into the concealer and gingerly apply it to the imperfection.  Paint the area, and wait.  Again, don’t forget our guiding principles – use a light hand.  Let the product set up for a minute.  Now is a good time to address any other little issues like under eye circles or broken capillaries.After a minute, if the mound remains totally covered, pat gently with fingertip to soften and blend edges.  If color has peaked through, reapply only to that area and then blend.

Lightly powder and bronze for an all over glow.

Complete face with blush, mascara, and gloss.  Amp it up further with eyeliner and shadow when the occasion warrants it.

Remember, it doesn’t matter how expertly your eyes and mouth are painted, a throbbing blemish distracts from the overall look.  Take the time to perfect the skin before getting into heavy color.

Good Luck and Good Face.

new face

The face for this spring starts with a translucent sheer foundation finished with little to no powder.  Berry-stained lips provide interest as shown at Carolina HerreraAs beauty strategies go, emphasizing one feature isn’t a revelation, but most get it wrong.  Perfect execution requires an extremely subtle hand. Brows play an essential part in framing an otherwise mostly unadorned face.  The most forward-thinking interpretation serves a super strong, darker sculpted brow with impeccable skin and modest color.  The finish on lips and cheeks reciprocate each other – think color wash – a single shade layered for various levels of intensity. Eye smokers, you don’t have to give up the liner, but please exercise some restraint.  See WangVera or Alexander – for different ways to smoke it out.

Sunday with François Nars

Sunday with Pat McGrath

stila one step primecolor

Tricky, tricky, that cream blush.  Some formulas are too wet and ruin your base; others are too dry and therefore not blendable.  The ideal cream blush should glide across the skin with the perfect amount of slip and set to a semi-matte finish.I received a sample tube of Stila One Step Primecolor and was pleasantly surprised by the texture.  The color saturation is just right in its intensity, and the cream gives you the latitude to build without blending and fading away.

Even though the marketing angle of this product is an all-in-one face-eyes-lip product, neither the texture nor color selection are appropriate for anything other than cheek enhancement.  As a general rule, pink on the eyelids reads more conjunctivitis than cutting edge, and matte pink on the lips will only accentuate the yellow in your teeth.  As a cream blush, however, One Step serves up some fresh-from-the-cold, pink-cheeked goodness.  A little goes a long way.

31 Days of Halloween~Day 19~Cracked


When is the last time you cleaned out your make-up box or bag?  That bacterial orgy is nasty, for reals.  Time to handle your biznass.

First things first, sort through your collection and liberally toss anything falling into one of the following categories: 1) products not used within the last three months, 2) mascara older than three months, 3) old, cracked, raggedy-ass products, sponges, tools, or brushes.  Think of it this way – you are making room for a few new treats just in time for the change of season.

Depending on your personal set up, several approaches could  work.  Throw your make-up bag in the laundry, or scrub your box with hot water and an abrasive cleaner like Mrs. Meyers.  As for your brushes, a few drops of mild detergent or shampoo in a big bucket of soapy warm water usually does the trick.  Rinse thoroughly, and take time to dry your brushes.  Shine the outside of your compacts with anti-bacterial wipes.  Trust, you won’t regret initiating August with a clean kit and a fresh face.

Give Good Face: Travel

For a photo finish face, begin with exceptional skin texture.  Discoloration can be addressed with concealer, but make-up does little to disguise an uneven surface.  Most modern moisturizers contain exfoliators like AHA acids or retinol which work to release the top layers of skin cells.  Physically scrub all that dead gunk off, or you won’t have an ideal canvas for your makeup artistry.

No need to complicate things, try Buf-Puf, scrubby little squares with the cleanser built right in.  TSA-proof, non-leak, and space saving, these make the best option for travel.  Buf-Puf is an economical and worthwhile edition to your make-up removal arsenal.