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The Truth about Tickled Pink

TICKLED PINK AIRBRUSH KITLoyal readers may remember a recent post on the Tickled Pink Airbrush system.  I received Tickled Pink as a gift and even though it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, the giver probably meant well.  Because I was somewhat disappointed in not receiving exactly what I asked for, the device sat on my shelf unopened for months after the holidays.  When I finally broke it out and learned how to use it proficiently, I was impressed with the outcome, but not so much the process.  There are several aspects of the Tickled Pink airbrusher that are poorly designed and overall the gadget lacks durability.  After a few mere months of use the airbrusher went completely kaput.  I don’t mean the tip got clogged – which happens with any airbrusher – I mean the whole fucking compressor died.  The kit is covered by warranty, but I’m hardly about to hit up my ex-boyfriend for the necessary purchasing proof to make claims on said warranty.  The accompanying makeup is decent for its intended purposes, but the darker colors skew orange.  Let me be crystal clear: in no way is Tickled Pink a remotely extraordinary product.TICKLED PINK MAKEUP

NEO IWATA AIRBRUSHWhat I originally wanted (and should have just bought for myself) was a high-quality all-purpose airbrusher.  Iwata airbrushers are pretty much the gold standard.  The Neo is particularly well-suited for makeup application.  The compressor and airbrush are sold separately, but assembling the two is painless.  What does the Neo have that the Tickled Pink airbrush doesn’t?  For one, the cup that holds the product has a lid.  When airbrushing your own face with your eyes closed it is easy to spill fluidic makeup everywhere.  The makeup isn’t cheap and I go through it rather quickly, so waste just isn’t an option.  Overall, the Iwata Neo compressor is sexy, sleek, quiet, and well-made.  The airbrusher itself has a healthy-sized gravity-fed vessel, the aforementioned lid, and a nuanced and adjustable spray mechanism.  So far, I have been using my remaining Tickled Pink makeup, but when I exhaust that supply I will begin the quest of mixing my very own customized foundation.NEO AIR

The Iwata Neo isn’t cheap, so shop around.  Hobby Lobby has these yummy online coupons for 40% off any full-priced item.  Coupons can be used on consecutive days or on separate occasions at different stores, so theoretically you could buy the compressor for forty percent off and then do the same with airbrusher, but you didn’t hear it from me.HOBBY LOBBY COUPON

Tickled Pink Airbrush

For years I have been flirting with the idea of investing in my own makeup airbrush system.  A few things have held me back.  First, many systems on the market have proprietary mechanisms which only allow you to use their very expensive makeup in their airbrush system.  Considering the relative simplicity and ubiquity of airbrush technology, purchasing such a limited device makes no sense.  All these airbrushers are basically the same whether you are decorating a cake, making miniature models, or painting your face.  Don’t let those sneaky cosmetics companies convince you that you need to pay several hundred dollars for a device that is widely available for well under $100 bucks. I did consider purchasing an airbrush system originally developed for crafting or cake decorating, but during my dithering fate made my choice.  This Christmas I received the Tickled Pink Airbrush System.  At first, I was off-put by the cutesy-ness of it all.  It was just so pink and precious and that shit makes me heave.  Also, the makeup looked cheap in the bottle, and I was skeptical I could blend a color that would rival the natural look of my perennially favorite base Bobbi Brown.  So the system sat on my shelf for several months.  Only when a photo shoot threatened to expose my skin’s most obvious flaws did I pull Tickled Pink out and give it a whirl.  My prejudices rarely work in my favor.  I need to learn to give things a chance because Tickled Pink is the absolute bees knees bitches. Ignore the cheesy cheap packaging and focus on the splendid makeup.  Mix the colors in your range to create the perfect customized shade from day to day.  Super duper weightless yet full coverage, with Tickled Pink you are living the dream (right Lisa?).I know you are thinking that learning to airbrush your own face could be tricky.  Yes, it takes practice, but it isn’t that hard.  Five times and you’ll find your fluency.  With the awkward angle of self-application, I personally find using my thumb to pull back the trigger helps with control and steadiness. Prepare to enjoy weightless, airy, flawless coverage glowiness all day long with Tickled Pink Airbrush.  Once you’ve had airbrush, traditional methods just won’t do. 

DHC Velvet Skin Coat

I know what some of you are thinking; this zesty bitch isn’t recommending another fucking primer.  Well I am, because what fascist doesn’t enjoy a lovely skin perfecting product?I received a sample of DHC Velvet Skin Coat several years ago and it just stuck with me.  Recently, I purchased a full-sized tube to see if the reality lived up to my hazy fond memory. You gotta love a product that describes itself by its own name and Velvet Skin Coat does just that.  Utilizing the same dimethicone base as many other primers, the texture of this particular primer is indeed best described as velvety.   It glides on and finishes semi-matte.  Most importantly it provides a sublime canvas for cosmetics, softens the appearance of fine lines, and mellows redness.  

For most, Velvet Skin Coat won’t pack enough moisture to fulfill your skin’s daily needs.  Allow moisturizer to soak in first, and then prime with DHC.  Primers aren’t just for cosmetics wearers; this product will temporarily improve the overall appearance of your skin.  Men, you’ll be surprised how much you love it.


gouged rouge

Know what really gets my goose?  When my makeup gets gouged.  It has happened twice lately to two different expensive gel blushes – Kevyn Aucoin and Urban Decay.  The compacts break and then the hinge digs into my precious product.  Such a bummer.  Fear not, there are remedies.  If the container isn’t metal, you can stick the product in the microwave for a few seconds to melt it down.  A space heater works too with a heat-safe plate.  I use a lip on the top of my fireplace that works well too.  Get creative.  I’ve seen folks do it junkie style with a spoon and a lighter.  Based on my experience, these warming techniques work to reconstitute and resurface creams, gels, or viscous liquids.  As the product melts down, carefully remove it from the heat source and allow it to cool.  Once it sets, your makeup will have that fresh-glazed, right-out-of-the-package look.Remember to supervise this hair-brained scheme because it probably isn’t that safe or smart.  Please don’t set yourself or your home on fire trying to save your blush.  Promise? 


before the end of summer…

Go outside.  Wasted the summer on the sofa?  There is still plenty of time to get off your ass and feel the sun on your face.  It doesn’t have to be an all day commitment.  My friend Trisha and I took a short but challenging hike over the weekend and celebrated with smoothies and pancakes.  I was back on the couch with the bong by 3 pm, but this time with a misguided sense of accomplishment. Go natural.  Lose the make-up, hair dryer, and trappings of effort and just go as you are for at least a day.  See how good you look free from all the cosmetic “enhancement.”  Ever since I stopped brushing my hair like an Olsen everyone keeps saying how great it looks.  A dialed-down you might receive surprisingly interesting reactions.  Why not cultivate an effortless look by actually using less effort?Embrace frivolity.  Before September strikes, enjoy a moment of total silliness.  Play in a sprinkler.  Wear ridiculous vintage.  Smile at strangers.  Read Jacqueline Susann.  Send a postcard.  Shamelessly court fun.

Finish Line

As I prepare for this move, I am appalled by the number of partially used beauty products on my shelves.  I usually do really well until I get 75% through the product, then I tend to move on to a new one and lose interest in the original before I get to the bottom of the jar.Disgusted with this wasteful habit, I vow to finish this hodge-podge collection of halflings before I purchase anything new.  I’ll throw out any potion outdated or past its prime, but otherwise it is time to steward the responsibility of the investment through to its natural conclusion.

In the ultimate and on-going quest to simplify and clarify my daily routine, I first must decide what I love and what can go.  We have to make room for results, right?  Let’s see how long it takes me to run out of the last quarter inch of at least three dozen products, and how difficult it is to withstand the temptation of adding another pony to the herd.

Bronzer of the Moment

I’m loving Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate right now.  Wear alone or enjoy the way it mixes beautifully with foundation.  Natural, with an earthy botanical fragrance, Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronze Concentrate is easy summer glow in just one pump.   The bottle will last you forevah.  Highly recommended even for the make-up haters.


Anybody else notice Bobbi Brown has been hiking her prices every 6 months for at least the last three years?  That greedy gouging is chapping my ass and has me on the hunt for alternatives.  Having enjoyed TheBalm’s Bahama Mama bronzer, I took a risk and tried their tinted moisterizer BalmShelter. This product has a thicker, more luxurious consistency than most tinted moisterizers.  The rich cream provides above average coverage within its category.  BalmShelter creates a plump and smooth surface for layering other products and doesn’t encourage migration.  With broad spectrum SPF 18 and a $25 price tag for a generous 2.25 oz, it is a competitive alternative to Bobbi Brown’s tinted moisterizers (1.69 oz for $40!).  The main drawback?  Color selection.  BalmShelter needs a variety of inclusive shades to lure more ladies and gents their way.

Miracle Skin Transformer

Ya’ll know about Miracle Skin Transformer, right?  This tinted moisterizer glides on like a primer, benefits skin like a serum, and protects and evens skin like a foundation.  What its got: full spectrum sun protection, enzyme Q10, and vitamins A, K, and E.  What it ain’t got: parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, and triclosan.The formula comes in six shades plus translucent.  Why the shape of these color samples resembles an array of ethnically diverse vaginas is inexplicable. McNamara aimed to create a multifunctional product that would nourish skin, even imperfections, and provide adequate sun protection.  This isn’t a particularly new concept, but one she magnificently executed with this super-blendable, medium coverage mousse-like cream.  Do consider the all-in-one nature and the size (1.7 oz) when weighing the $48 price tag.