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Ripped through Matched last week and relished it.  Don’t let the inevitable comparisons to Hunger Games influence you.  While the similarities are obvious, the tone of Matched is quite different.The two cent summary follows:  Matched takes place in the dystopian future where virtually everyone conforms to rules of the Society.  Couples are matched by the government.  Food, art, clothing, and everything else is provided and restricted by Big Brother in the form of Officials.  Every citizen carries three pills or risks an infraction, or worse – reclassification as an Aberration or AnomalyCassia is our protagonist, and she can be pretty infuriating at times, but that’s what makes this story unpredictable.Matched is one of three.  The wait for number two, Crossed, due November 2011 already feels interminable.

BLIND DESCENT: The Quest to Discover the Deepest Place on Earth

After wrapping up with the adventures of Portia’s binges and purges and unable to wait idly for Matched (November 30th), I stumbled upon Blind Descent: The Quest to Discover the Deepest Place on EarthRight off the bat some under-prepared, overconfident Hoosier (God Bless Indiana) plunges to his death when he fails to properly secure his rappelling equipment.  No time for grieving; the big concern is how to retrieve the body.  Apparently, unrecoverable dead bodies make the Mexican government nervioso.One explorer compared the mega cave to a “dragon’s asshole.”  We really need to work this evocative phrase into the vernacular. Above is the altar where the Cuicatecs sacrificed children in religious ceremonies.  Locals still consider Cheve a sacred place and don’t take too kindly to all these desecrating gringos.  Accidental death, child sacrifice, oh, and I forgot to mention The Rapture, a nitrogen-induced hysteria that causes cavers to go crazy (and I’m not even half way through).  This book rules.