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6 days to salvage 2011

If the day after Christmas has left you with a holiday hangover, consider using the last precious days of the year to accomplish a few unmet goals.  Rather than waiting until NYE to make some phony resolution, begin the new year with the confidence that comes from triumphing over obstacles.  First off, your space is filthy, so a good pre-New Year purge wouldn’t hurt, right?  Like when is the last time you really mopped?  What difference would 3 hours dedicated to tidiness make in your life?  What impact could a donation of all your unused crap mean to someone in need?  Now is your chance to make up for snubbing that Salvation Army bell ringer this year.  It is never too late for generosity.If your goal this year was to cultivate fun, you still have 5 days to plan an execute a bitching NYE party.  How about a trade-your-most-hideous-gift exchange party?  The fiesta provides another avenue to declutter (see #1) and an opportunity to trade it for something you might actually like, even if only ironically.

Schedule preventative care appointments.  Now is as good a time as any to schedule dentist, mammogram, colonoscopy and all those other screenings that can save you from critical malfunctions.  Maintenance is everything.  I care for you and want you healthy for 2o12 and beyond.

Here’s to rising to the challenge of accomplishing more in the last week of the year than bong hits and Teen Mom 2 marathons.

Sex and the City 2 looks like an Abu Dhabi Dud.

Admit it, they kind of shit the bed with the first Sex and the City movie. JHud sucked and four grown-ass women screaming every time they saw each other was fucking annoying, but I’m worried this second one is going to be down right dreadful.

Karaoke concerns me.

I’m confused by the ergodic locale choice and horrified at rumors of menopause talk.  I like my SATC menopause-free, thanks.

This is just fucking unforgivable.

80’s fashion porn replaces wedding fashion porn this time around.

More Anthony Please.