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fresh mint

Fresh mint is super healthy and easy to grow.  Just cultivate the plant in a pot rather than in the garden since it is an invasive mutherfucker.Howza ’bout some mint tea?  Boiling water + shredded fresh mint leaves + sugar + lemon to taste.  Drink hot or cold.Need a little more social lubrication with your fresh mint beverage?  Mint Julep = mint + bourbon + sugar + water.Head a little further south with the delicious-if-tired mojito = white rum +  sugar cane juice + lime juice + sparkling water + fresh mint.  Even if it isn’t that stylish anymore, I never really tire of an excellent, well-balanced mojito. When enjoying cocktails, it’s top shelf only.  More often than not, I skip the booze.  Just don’t miss the mint.  I think I’ll make it my new signature.  Just sashay over to the mint pot and tear off a few sprigs for a fresh and tasty bev.  Chic.