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The Rachel Zoe Project: Rosenzweig Family Passover

Sidelining fashion this week, Rachel focused on hosting her entire family for a Passover Seder dinner.  Having never cooked a meal before, Rachel informed Rodger he would be hitting Bristol Farms with her later.  Like all recent conversations between these two, this one spiraled into baby talk with Rachel promising to be in the delivery room by this time next year in her black vintage cashmere Chanel cape-robe.Team Zoe met up with comic Amy Phillips to film a “viral video” for The Rachel Zoe Report.  Rodger tried to run the meeting, but ended up chucking a pen across the table at Rachel when she failed to give him her full attention.Rachel and Rodger continued to criticize, degrade, and humiliate one another publicly, thereby breaking one of the cardinal rules of successful relationship preservation: only fight in private.  After the extremely tense and unfunny shoot concluded, Rachel and Rodger took their vitriol to the street where they got noticeably loud on the sidewalk.Next, Beau Garrett showed up with her dog to get looks for the international up-fronts and Kalamity premiere.  Leave your fucking dog at home!  The utter hubris of risking dog piss on Dior makes me hate this wooky-eyed bitch from the get.Team Zoe and Beau selected three looks: a cute Diane von Furstenberg, a boring blue Lela Rose, and a random long black Malandrino.  After searching far and wide, not a single photo of the Z-list Garrett in any of these looks could be found.  Doesn’t mean she didn’t wear them, just means she’s not worth photographing.Rachel delegated styling the Zico coconut water Molly Sims job to Brad and Jordan, so she could concentrate on Passover dinner.  Sidenote: enough with the disgusting fucking coconut water.Since Rachel wouldn’t be micro-managing, Brad decided he would like to keep the selection tight and not take every rack to the shoot.  This strategy totally blew up in his face when he arrived and was informed of an entirely different vision for the campaign.Rather than just rolling with the changes, Brad argued with the photographer over wardrobe.  He tried to hide his humiliation with defensiveness, but just ended up looking flustered and unprofessional.Molly Sims showed up looking like she’d been pulled out of a drain, and Brad looked slightly panicked.  Ultimately, an intern returned with some additional white exercise choices.  You would think as “Style Director” Brad would know that in the world of fashion, options are everything.Meanwhile, Rachel and Rodger met up with Marisa at Bristol Farms to shop for the Seder.  Rachel wandered from aisle to aisle, infuriating an irritated Rodger.Back in the kitchen, Joey and Rachel worried whether the turkey would have “hair” on it.  Marisa, sick of hearing Rachel’s idiotic ramblings, took over and materialized dinner.  Rachel barely managed to execute a salad before her family arrived.Rachel’s agent brought his baby to the Seder, and Rodger nearly melted at the sight of Rachel with child.During a break from kitchen duty, Rachel and Joey talked reproduction on the porch.  Rachel tried to explain that to her, clothing and bags are a reasonable substitute for a baby.Rachel confessed her anxiety over having waited so long to get pregnant and her doubts of carrying a baby to term.  She worried that she lacked the physical and emotional strength to endure pregnancy.  Her articulation of these deeply personal fears provided a glimpse into a more authentic, sincere, less-superficial Rachel.

The Rachel Zoe Project: Global Rain

The changes at Camp Zoe precipitated a shopping trip to cleanse Taylor’s energy with “new looks.”  Rachel settled on “glam rock,” and Brad was pressured into “lesbian DJ chic.”  In reality, Zoe served bony Fraggle, and Brad gave us last year’s Eurotrash.Once the new looks were procured, attention turned to dressing the 2010 Golden Globe attendees: Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Garner, and possibly Paula Patton.Brad welcomed Ashley to her first day at the Zoe asylum.  His very first words of advice were a cryptic warning to watch out for Taylor when she’s out pulling styles for the Globes.Rachel planned on an architectural Marchesa for Kate Hudson.  Even though she already had it in a bold and unique berry flavor, she insisted on getting it remade in white.  For Cameron, Rachel and Brad eyed a red cap-sleeved McQueen gown.  Garner apparently had a dress boner for some lilac (looked grey) beaded Versace that still needed to be lined.  Four attendees and no confirmed dresses sent Rachel into an unnecessary fit of anxiety.  She ordered an immediate edit, dividing the great from the mediocre on the racks.Ashley tried to add her opinion, but her input was drowned out by Rachel and Brad’s “so mayjahs!”  While rolling in the racks, Paula Patton was confirmed as an attendee, and Rachel immediately delegated dressing her to the newbie AshleyCrystal Gayle-haired Ashley stopped by Starworks to collect wardrobe options for Paula Patton.  She pulled tent after shapeless tent for the pregnant Paula; none of it looking particularly Globe-worthy.Rachel obsessed over some Versace gown that she had only peeped in a sketch.  From the sketch alone, it was obvious this dress was totally inappropriate for the Globes and Cameron Diaz.  Why would Cameron Diaz wear a long-sleeved grey granny gown to the Globes?  The sacred dress was accidentally handed off to the wrong courier at the hotel, and Team Zoe lost their proverbial shit trying to find it.  Finally Lucio, Versace’s rep, called with the news that the dress had taken a sojourn to Malibu to visit Pierce Brosnan, but had been located and was on its way.  As soon as it arrived, wrinkled, grey, long-sleeved, and matte, it was abundantly clear that the dress would never work.  After all the unnecessary drama, Rachel dismissed the dress and Lucio with a squint eye and flip of the hand.During Brad’s extra homosexual pilates lesson, he had an epiphany that he should encourage Ashley to speak up and voice her opinion.  When Ashley arrived the next morning, Brad explained that he brings the gay man’s perspective, but Ashley needed to vocalize the female perspective because he did not wear women’s clothes.  Really Brad?Brad broke the news to Rachel that Taylor is dressing a producer for the Golden GlobesRachel soured at the notion and then announced she was too busy taking the high road.  She told Rodger, “I hate the high road.”  If this is Rachel taking the high road, what does it look like when she rolls in the gutter? Brad called Rachel and informed her that the dress they pulled for Cammie was from Alexander McQueen Autumn/Winter 09.  Rachel declared this unacceptable, even though any stylist worth her Gucci would know what collection that McQueen came from the minute it entered the showroom.  Even if it is “archive,” if it hasn’t been photographed, who gives a fuck? Zoe favorite Molly Sims stopped by to collect looks for the Art of Elysium and InStyle parties.  Molly declared, “I’m not nominated, I’m not presenting…”  No shit you aren’t nominated or presenting.  Seriously, who did you blow to even get invited? Sims hung all over “Bradley,” and whirled around the studio slipping in and out of gowns.  One of the most frustrating things about this show is that they never pick the best look!  This was the best look.

However, this ill-fitting, blue, upholstered Ports 1961 mess was selected for Art of Elysium, and a shapeless Marchesa tent for the Globes party.  We all know you are trying to get into Weinstein’s good graces, but please stop trying to make Marchesa happen.  Wearing Marchesa to the Globes is like wearing Jessica McClintock to prom.

Bieber-haired Rodger tried to get reacquainted with his nutsack by watching the playoffs with the boys.  In a hyper display of masculinity, Rodger scooped up his friend’s baby, cradled it gently, and insisted on taking a picture and sending it to Rachel.Rain clouds gathered, and this sent Team Zoe into a tizzy, declaring the weather “not fair” and a “nightmare!”  The idea of her clients encumbered by holding up their gowns and the money shots cluttered with umbrellas caused Rachel to dub the entire event a “fashion disaster!”Team Zoe gathered on the couch to see the attendees work the carpet.  First Cam in the red McQueen: this is a gorgeous dress, but we can agree that these are the wrong shoes.  As you already know, red lips with a red dress is a no-no; a softer lip was needed to avoid looking garish.

Next, Kate dressed in MarchesaRachel should have kept it berry, because Hudson bordered on bridal, and the white platform shoes evoked stripper.

Garner just doesn’t have it.  Dress her in whatever; she’s a fucking snooze.

Rachel seemed pleased with Paula Patton.  Her approval allowed Ashley to exhale with relief for the first time all week.  This look doesn’t offend, but it doesn’t really wow either.