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Sunday with Mom

Sunday for Ma

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eat the cookie

It has become an annual tradition here at Demeter Clarc to celebrate Mother’s Day with a movie that reminds you that no matter how bad you had in the mom department, it could have been a fuckload worse.  This year, please enjoy Flowers in the Attic and find new gratitude for the circumstances of your own upbringing.The tale of a mean mommy, an even meaner grandmother, a huge attic, and some seriously sinister sugar cookies, Flowers in the Attic explores some extremely creepy themes and is quietly horrifying rather than gory.Kristy Swanson and Louise Fletcher shine as the ingenue and villain, deeply at odds, yet cut from the same cloth.  The slow build climaxes to an unmissable big finish.  Wait for the memorable final shot that will mentally surface at every wedding you attend from here on out. 

Eat the cookie!

Sunday with Ma

Yo, Kiss Ya Ma