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Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe rolled out her self-titled collection this season.  Some of you may be familiar with the little copycat scandal served up à la Teen Vogue.  In Rachel’s defense, every non-designer with a label does this – mines their own closet for inspiration (including Kate Moss).  Zoe’s rookie mistake was particularly conspicuous because she didn’t even bother to tweak her version. Truthfully, the entire collection looked eerily familiar.  Here’s a summary of Zoe’s take on suiting.This red suit was one of the stronger looks, but we’ve seen Valentino do this better.  What is Zoe bringing to the table that is new and fresh?  Really, we need another version of a white suit?  Master tailors offered up a hundred versions of the white suit over the past five seasons.  We’ve seen the white suit done better Rach, but thanks for playing. Rachel hopped on the one-shoulder, sequin train a few seasons too late.  This look is so tired, and for the most part so are the rest of her cocktail offerings.. This cape is pretty cute, but I don’t die for the color.  Her coat looks a lot like the one Gwen Stefani modeled during Zoe’s visit to the L.A.M.B. showroom last season. Can we let the fucking shorts go?  And Gwyneth, I’m talking to your ass too.  Grown-ass women have no business in shorts outside the gym or the beach, maybe even ever.  Please stop trying to make fashion shorts happen.  Enjoy Rachel Zoe’s take on the unwearable trend.  Having thoroughly considered the collection, all in all, I say Rachel No.