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How to Avoid Becoming Sandra Bullock

After the Nightline Jesse White Devil James interview last night the mainstream media has focused on his confession of childhood abuse as a explanation for his philandering.  Fuck that shit.  Here are the lessons to take away from the interview to avoid becoming Sandra Bullock.

Your initial instinct is right.  The first time Jesse James asked Sandra Bullock out, she said no.  She should have stuck with her gut instead of letting him wear down her resolve by email courtship.Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior.  This man procreated with a porn star.  Enough said. Your suspicions are right.  Jesse admitted that Sandra had suspicions of cheating, and he lied to cover his tracks.  If you are suspicious, you have reason to be.  Don’t listen to what he says, look at what he does.Before Sandra married Jesse she expressed skepticism on the institution of marriage itself.  Don’t want to get divorced?  Don’t get married. Beauty is no inoculation against infidelity.  You may be the hottest shit ever, but that won’t prevent a pig from cheating.  Never allow a narcissist’s flattery to cloud your judgment.