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Record Rotation: 5 albums worth a listen

TV on the RadioNine Types of Light.  Fucking brilliant.  RIP Gerard Smith. Stevie NicksIn Your Dreams.  Not better than the old stuff, but still completely decent. Not a huge Killers fan, but Flamingo, the new solo record from Brandon Flowers, has really grown on me. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi present Rome.  Highlight: Two Against One. Eddie VedderUkulele Songs.  Let the golden baritone sing you a lullaby against the sound of Hawaiian waves.


Let’s face it, most models turned musicians make pretty shitty records.

Remember Naomi’s gem, Baby Woman?  Yeah, I know, it was huge in Japan.

How could we forget Tyra’s embarrassing single Shake Ya Body, for which she shot a video on ANTM? Even the models who put out semi-successful records have never been taken very seriously.

Like Milla Jovovich

…and even Carla Bruni.

Karen Elson’s debut solo album, The Ghost Who Walks, has a southern, gothic, bluesy, atmospheric sound from a bygone era.  It is no surprise this record came from a vintage store owner; she captures a lush sense of nostalgia.Don’t let the model thing dissuade you, if you like Jenny Lewis or Norah Jones, give The Ghost Who Walks a listen.